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Davos Elites Are Certain Trump Will Prevail in 2024: ‘He’s Going to Win’

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The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, was attended by world leaders who expressed optimism regarding the potential re-election of Donald Trump this year.

Particularly in light of Donald Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucus on January 15, this subject pervaded the annual meeting’s discourse.

Although Trump’s prospective return to Davos may cause some to question his credentials in light of the geopolitical risks he could present, the American business community appears to be quite at ease with the idea.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, stated in an interview with CNBC that it would be erroneous to disregard Trump. He acknowledged that the former president held some degree of validity on a number of policy matters throughout his previous tenure.

Dimon held the belief that Trump effectively implemented tax reform and stimulated economic development. He acknowledged that Trump was also correct with regard to immigration matters, China relations, and NATO membership.

“He wasn’t wrong about some of these critical issues, and that’s why they’re voting for him,” he said.

“He’s going to win the presidency,” a U.S. bank CEO said, according to CNBC. “Many of his policies were right.”

Nevertheless, the notion of Trump’s triumph fails to excite a considerable portion of the international community.

“If we are to draw lessons from history, looking at the way he ran the first four years of his mandate, it’s clearly a threat,” said Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, according to Politico Europe.

The source of her apprehension is Trump’s previous stances regarding trade protectionism, his allegiance to NATO, and his indifference to climate change.

The previous president consistently threatened to withdraw from NATO and warned European leaders that in the event of a military invasion, the United States would not assist Europe.

According to Majda Ruge, a representative of the European Council on Foreign Relations, the re-election of Trump has the potential to radically alter the United States’ international relations.

She further stated that nations led by more autocratic figures, including those in Russia, Hungary, and the Gulf states, would eagerly await the November victory of Trump.

Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, is confident that the United States will maintain its commitment to defeating Russia in order to preserve the world order established under American leadership, even if Trump is re-elected, according to CNBC.

The Ukrainian minister noted that Trump was the first to authorize the transfer of lethal weapons to Ukraine and to impose sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 project during his presidency.

CNBC reports that historically, World Economic Forum forecasts have routinely proven to be inaccurate. Critics frequently contend that forum attendees function as an unfavorable predictor of forthcoming occurrences.

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