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Death Toll Linked To Contaminated Eye Drops Rising As More Report Vision Loss

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Since more than two decades ago, we have supplied a variety of markets in Southeast Asia, Central America, LATAM, CIS, and Africa with a vast array of pharmaceutical formulations in various therapeutic forms.

It is now known that 68 persons in the United States have been afflicted by tainted eyedrops… According to the CDC, the outbreak resulted in 3 fatalities, 8 blindnesses, and 4 eyeball removals.

According to an update published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday, the number of deaths has increased from one to three, all of which happened in the state of Washington.

In addition, at least eight individuals have become blind and four others have had their eyes surgically removed.

In its update, the CDC did not offer any information about the afflicted individuals, including their names, ages, sexes, or residences.

More than ten distinct brands of synthetic tears have been recalled. The majority of cases have been attributed to eye drops manufactured in India by Global Pharma Healthcare called EzriCare and Delsam Pharma.

According to the CDC, the eye drops were infected with an antibiotic-resistant strain of the aggressive bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

This picture of Pseudomonas aeruginosa captured by a scanning electron microscope and provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention depicts rod-shaped bacteria.

Pseudomonas is a species of bacterium present in the environment, with P. aeruginosa being the most prevalent pathogen that causes human diseases.

The illness is frequent in health care settings and spreads owing to insufficient hygiene, such as filthy hands or unclean medical equipment and surfaces.

According to the CDC, P. aeruginosa is resistant to many kinds of antibiotics and has caused an estimated 32,600 infections and 2,700 deaths among hospitalized patients in the United States.

The CDC claimed in its update that the strain connected to the epidemic had never been detected in the United States previously.

As of March 14, P. aeruginosa has infected 68 individuals in 16 states. 37 of these instances are associated with four health care clusters.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“Testing of opened product identified the outbreak strain in bottles of EzriCare Artificial Tears that were obtained from two states,” the CDC told ABC News in a statement. “Testing of unopened product to evaluate for intrinsic contamination is ongoing by [the U.S. Food and Drug Administration].” CONTINUE READING…

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