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Dem Admits He Was Wrong About Trump, Makes Bold Statement About 45’s Administration

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Applauding the Democratic Party’s numerous affluent supporters for admitting their own foolishness is appropriate.

Chamath Palihapitiya, a billionaire venture capitalist who previously backed the Democratic Party in both presidential elections, has now come clean on his error and praised the endeavors of the former Trump administration.

“What those guys did was pretty incredible in hindsight,” Palihapitiya said last week.

These remarks appeared on the “All-In Podcast” episode from Friday. Palihapitiya, one of the four co-hosts of the podcast, addresses a diverse range of topics, such as economics, technology, and other related topics.

He acknowledged at the outset of the brief video that he had voted for Joe Biden in 2020, having previously supported Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In contrast, the multimillionaire co-host could not speak highly enough of Trump.

“Every other president found a way to, frankly, make our situation a little bit worse, specifically around wars. He did not do that. And that is a huge accomplishment that I think needs to be acknowledged,” Palihapitiya said.

After that, the co-host identified as a “Democrat,” someone who had been “left homeless,” and someone who was “definitely in the center but probably leaning increasingly right.”

“Appreciation, despite the messenger, of the message of the Trump administration,” was his expression.

Palihapitiya described the Middle East peace initiatives, including the Abraham Accords, as “just a real example for the world.”

Following that, co-host Jason Calacanis interjected to reaffirm his point.

“When you look at it, you know, what they did, it’s a miracle,” he remarked.

Like his co-host, Calacanis portrayed himself as “homeless” and “no fan of Trump.”

However, if you examine what they accomplished with objectivity, “it was good work,” he stated, “It was great work.”

Then, Palihapitiya bemoaned the harm brought forth by “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

He remarked, “It’s now making us not recognize that good work and then embrace and extend it.”

“So much of the work that happened in that administration turns out to have been right,” Palihapitiya added.

Palihapitiya provided three instances: the border wall, long-term debt, and Middle Eastern stability.

There are numerous grounds for being encouraged by his remarks.

To begin with, Palihapitiya’s praise transcended the actions undertaken by the Trump administration in the Middle East. Moreover, he discussed the border wall and the overall war record of President Trump.

In a similar vein, he abstained from endorsing candidates with the intention of subsequently undermining them through broader criticisms of Trump. He expressed his disapproval of the widespread Trump Derangement Syndrome by employing derogatory terms such as “incredible.”

Meanwhile, Calacanis, who did express disapproval of the departing president on the podcast, praised the extraordinary efforts of the Trump administration to promote peace in the Middle East.

Biden will encounter formidable challenges in 2024 if Palihapitiya represents even a fraction of the affluent Democratic electorate that casts ballots.

Moreover, his remark at that moment would serve as an indication of a broader enlightenment among individuals who, until that point, had demonstrated a lack of awareness or, at best, ignorance regarding the widespread devastation instigated by the Democrats.

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