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Democrat Overturns Republican Victory in House Seat After Recount – Wins by 1 Vote

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Monday in New Hampshire, a recount revealed that the candidate who trailed on Election Day won her state House seat by a single vote, demonstrating the power granted to each American voter.

Before Monday’s recount, Republican Larry Gagne had a 23-vote lead against Democrat Maxine Mosley. According to Newsweek, Mosley won the election after the recount, 1,799 to 1,799.

“I will say strongly that this race clearly affirms that each-and-every vote does count and that our obligation to vote is foundational for our democracy,” Mosley said.

Gagne had a different perspective.

“It’s very unusual, especially in Manchester with the machines we have to make up 24 votes, we were winning by 23. I don’t know what happened,” he said, according to ManchesterInkLink.

The Manchester Union-Leader reports that Gagne indicated he had no intention of bringing the matter before the state’s Ballot Law Commission.

“It’s God’s will, that’s my current thinking,” Gagne said during a brief interview.

Will Infantine, the winner of the other state House seat in Hillsborough 16 and a Republican, believes the appeal should be filed, citing the fact that both Republican candidates lost the same number of votes in the recount.

“Clearly, there’s something wrong here. We just don’t magically both lose 22 votes like that,” Infantine said.

Mosely said she was “truly overwhelmed by the result of the recount. A swing of more than nine votes is rare in New Hampshire so this result is historic! I am also very grateful for the voters who have shown their faith in me, as a first-time candidate, to represent them,” according to Newsweek.

She praised Gagne’s response to his sudden reversal of fortune.

“Directly following the recount, Mr. Gagne did approach me, and we shook hands as he congratulated me. He did tell me that he would not be requesting a challenge to the outcome,” Mosley said.

“He was very gracious. We have always had a cordial relationship over many years, and I appreciate his service to our community,” she said.

“I would expect that the Republican Party will challenge the outcome, even though Mr. Gagne indicated that he would not. If a challenge is filed, it will be heard by the Election Commission on November 28th,” she said.

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