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Democrats In FULL PANIC After Key News Channel Reverses Course On Trump

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Univision, the preeminent Spanish-language television network in the United States, has demonstrated a noticeable shift in its depiction of former President Donald Trump, a development that could potentially benefit Trump as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

The alteration takes place subsequent to the substantial merger of Grupo Televisa and Univision, two of the most prominent media conglomerates in Mexico, which led to the formation of a new organization called TelevisaUnivision.

This recently established corporation boasts an unprecedented level of influence, serving a daily Spanish-speaking audience of over 100 million individuals.

In recent cycles, there have been notable transformations in the relationship between Donald Trump and Univision. Initially, the Trump campaign condemned the network, labeling it a “leftist propaganda machine.”

However, the recent Mar-a-Lago interview between Trump and Televisa journalist Enrique Acevedo revealed a more favorable stance towards Trump. The interview signified a significant departure from the prior stance of Univision.

“Mr. President, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. We really appreciate it,” Acevedo expressed.

In 2022, Alfonso de Angoitia, the Executive Chairman of the TelevisaUnivision Board of Directors, expressed that “The combination of content assets from Televisa and Univision, the two leading media companies from the two largest Spanish-speaking markets in the world, has created a company with tremendous potential,”

“With our attractive financial profile and history of innovation, TelevisaUnivision is ready to revolutionize the industry by delivering the most comprehensive Spanish-language content offering to audiences around the world.”

The consequences of this transition are substantial, especially considering the upcoming United States presidential election in 2024. The modification in Univision’s position regarding Trump is of significant significance, predominantly attributable to the network’s considerable sway among Hispanic voters, an essential demographic in the realm of American politics.

As per the most recent polling data, were the election to occur at this moment, it appears that Trump would have an exceptionally strong probability of achieving a resounding victory. On the contrary, Biden has encountered substantial margins of loss among other pivotal demographic groups, including Hispanics and Independents. Based on a survey conducted by Sienna Poll, it has been noted that Trump holds a six-point advantage in the Hispanic vote. Furthermore, the research findings indicated that Trump garnered the support of 43% of nonwhite voters as a whole.

During the interview, Trump expressed “The Latino vote is so incredible because they’re unbelievable people. They have incredible skills, incredible energy, and they’re very entrepreneurial. All you have to do is look at the owners of Univision.”

“They’re unbelievable entrepreneurial people. And they like me. You know, there’s never been anything like it in the Republican Party.”

The ex-president expressed, “I’ve been a Republican and am a Republican, and we have tremendous support from the, I call Hispanic, Latino, you have lots of different terms. But it all means the same thing as far as I’m concerned. It’s they’re just great people, incredible people. And they also want security if they’re in the United States or if they’re in Mexico or anywhere else. They feel strong about security, and we provide that. And yeah, the polls, nobody’s ever seen anything like it.”


The consolidation of interests, valued at an approximate $4.8 billion, has led to the formation of a hegemon in the Spanish-language content industry. This consolidation integrates the extensive media assets of Televisa with the significant market position of Univision in the United States.

The formation of TelevisaUnivision, a renowned media conglomerate that presently possesses the most extensive collection of Spanish-language programming in the sector, comprising an estimated 300,000 hours of material, has firmly consolidated its standing as a prevailing entity within the media sphere. Moreover, this development appears to have exerted an influence on the editorial style of Univision, potentially advantageous for Trump’s electoral prospects in 2024.

An additional development in the realm of Trump-media news was that Steve Bannon, a former adviser to Trump and renowned for his direct style, predicted that the MAGA movement would outlive his third presidential campaign and exert an enduring influence on the modern Republican Party.

In an interview featured on Showtime’s “The Circus” program, Bannon articulated his conviction that the factions within the Republican Party that oppose President Trump would ultimately come to lament his lack of leadership.

“President Trump is a moderate in our movement,” as Bannon puts it. You will harbour the desire for Donald Trump’s presence in subsequent years.

Bannon argues that the most notable schism within the Republican Party is characterized by the opposition of establishment elites and Trump supporters, who contend that the 2020 election victory of President Joe Biden was unjust.

“One of the litmus tests is… not just President Trump, but also particularly the stealing of the 2020 election. That is a fundamental tenant of this movement. By the way, they made it all about Trump. This movement is ascendant and is going to go on long after Donald Trump. It’s only going to get more powerful and broader.”

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