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Democrats Must ‘Have Something Really Big’ On Mitch McConnell

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Democrats were able to approve their mammoth $1.7 trillion omnibus spending plan at the end of the year, despite the fact that it had over 4,000 pages and was unlikely to have been read by constituents or even by representatives.

Conservatives are perplexed as to how certain Republicans could have supported a plan with such astounding expenditures. Deroy Murdock of the Daily Caller News Foundation asserts that Mitch McConnell, whom he labels Chuck Schumer’s “hillbilly rent boy,” is “helping Democrats castrate House Republicans for 10 months.”

And former president Donald Trump had much to say about the passage of this funding measure. Trump and McConnell are rivals who throw no blows at one another.

McConnell has backed the investigation into former President Trump’s behavior on January 6 and apparently applauded the decision to indict Trump for his actions on that day. “The entire nation knows who is responsible for that day,” he stated in a statement released after the news broke.

Since the results of the midterm elections, he has been considerably more aggressive in his statements on Donald Trump, no longer hesitating to express his thoughts on the former president. Last week, McConnell told NBC News, “Here’s what I think has changed: I think the former president’s political clout has diminished,” McConnell evidently does not believe his influence has reduced, despite handing Democratic victory.

Trump has categorically referred to Mitch as a “total loser” who has given Democrats “everything they want” and has urged the Republican Party to replace the Republican leader.

Now that the big spending measure has been enacted, Trump is blogging about the possibility of this happening. After Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voted in support of the bill, Trump insinuated that the Democrats must possess incriminating information on him.

Trump made the remarks in various Truth Social postings.

“The Marxist Democrats must have something really big on Mitch McConnell in order to get him and some of his friendly ‘Republican’ Senators to pass the horrendous ‘All Democrat, All the Way’ OMINOUS Bill,” he wrote.

The former President also notes that the bill “gives Border Security to other countries,” but does little for the United States border, and “funds the corrupt ‘Justice’ Department” which he claims “rigged” the 2020 presidential election.

In another post, Trump reiterated the suggestion that Mitch McConnell was being blackmailed by the Democrats.

“They must have something on McConnell, because what he is doing is unthinkable—a Democrat’s dream!” he wrote.

Later he added, “If the Old Crow waited just 10 days, the Republican Majority in the House could have made the ‘Ominous’ Bill MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER.”

“Just another win for the Democrats, Mitch, that wouldn’t have happened if ‘Trump’ were President!” CONTINUE READING…

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