Democrats Reveal Their Massive Ban Plan

Without Gun Control and Abortion, the Democrats have little to rally their base into action. How Democrats can convince their followers that they are both the noblest creatures on Earth who push for the murder of pre-born babies AND also the most virtuous creatures on the planet who demand less personal safety for everyone else- is something that only a Democrat can explain.

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Nonetheless, we do understand that powerful Democrat politicians have a firm grasp of how to sway their supporters to defend their spurious intentions for pushing an oppressive and murderous agenda on us.

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From the party of baby murder and gun grabs, we have 82-year-old- radical far-left looney Nancy Pelosi who has been a vicious usurper in DC for decades. And now Pelosi is throwing all of her political power behind what could be her final grab at the sovereignty and civil rights of individual Americans to own guns.

Democrats have shown some success in grabbing up some of the weaker Republicans, in their reaction to the shootings over the years.

With Democrats and RINOS, their modus operandi never changes from reacting with great virtue to emergency situations by slaughtering our civil liberties- and then never having any bi-partisan calm and rational discussions and debates on public policy.

They are always- ‘grab and run’ because it is an emergency – and that works well for the soft minds in DC, and the voters who support those soft minds.

And those illogical people are getting started again.

US House Speaker, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Wednesday told a gun control rally that Democrats will plan to push legislation banning ‘assault weapons,’ in what would be the most aggressive response so far to last week’s elementary school massacre that killed 19 children.

Nowhere, from the totally out-of-touch power seekers- is the discussion of mental health or the causes of hopelessness and violence in American youth- most likely because the Democrats don’t want anyone to find out that it is they who contribute to such breakdowns.

Nowhere is the discussion of self-defense for women and minorities who they claim to champion.

“Republicans have signaled their opposition to restricting the general availability of guns – and some opponents say there is no workable definition for ‘assault rifles”, according to the Daily Mail.

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But, like clockwork, ahead of mid-term elections, politicians are under pressure to focus on mass shootings and to look like they are doing something to comfort the public.

House Democrats are already planning a vote next week on ‘red flag’ legislation, which allows a judge to ban dangerous individuals from having a firearm, and the Judiciary Committee is holding an emergency session on Thursday to mark up right gun-violence bills, which include measures to raise the minimum age for buying certain weapons to 21.

‘Let it all of us do everything we can for the survival of our children,’ Pelosi, one of the greatest defenders of abortion told the gun-grab group.

Building upon the horrific shooting at the Uvalde elementary school late in May, Pelosi and the Democrats have predictably focused on punishing Americans- because that is all they can do.

Tragically, in all 21 people died in Uvalde, including two teachers, and that gives RINOS a chance to show their leftish underpinnings once again.

“A handful of Republican lawmakers have come around to the idea of banning such dangerous weapons, including Rep. Adam Kinzinger,” the Daily Mail reported.

​​’I have opposed a ban fairly recently. I think I’m open to a ban now, Kinzinger told CNN on Sunday when asked why private individuals needed ‘weapons of war.’

The Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 expired after 10 years and the left is still not tolerating the renewal of rights for Americans very well.

Using their familiar methods to “Get Out The Vote” by elevating grassroots groups with costly media and community organizing- the Democrats work their grassroots marketing platforms to spread disinformation and lies about their agenda of baby murder and gun grabs-( abortion and gun control)- to shape public opinion and to influence lawmakers- and to make emotional pleas to their base, to fire them up into action:

The Daily Mail reported:

Democrats see an updated version as a priority but know they are unlikely to get such a measure through the Senate.

(The demands to return to the old ban will make good political theater for the Democrats- however.)

“Republicans see improving security at schools and tackling mental health problems as a more pressing need than restricting the availability of guns. Former President Donald Trump took up the call for action on Friday when he addressed members of the National Rifle Association,” the Daily Mail reported.

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‘Surely we can all agree our schools should not be the softest target our school should be the single hardest target in our country,’ Trump said at the NRA annual meeting in Houston, Texas.

‘And that’s why as part of a comprehensive school safety plan, it’s time to finally allow highly trained teachers to safely and discreetly concealed carry, let them concealed carry.’

So the White House, armed with radical left tools of usurpations- said the president was considering executive actions on guns. And that is the difference between the two camps.

To remove self-defense from all Americans in the face of school shootings, or to place armed security in schools to protect children.