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Dems Celebrate ‘Major Blow’ To Tucker Carlson After Feds Issue Felony Charge

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Leftists are rejoicing today following the sudden dismissal of a federal charge against one individual, who, according to them, became the focal point of a “conspiracy theory” promulgated by former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

Officially, Ray Epps has been charged with a solitary crime in relation to the events that transpired during the January 6th uprising at the United States Capitol.

This latest in a lengthy list of individuals charged, convicted, and sentenced to egregious amounts of time brings left-leaning media outlets greater vindication than other so-called “insurrectionist” charges.

According to court documents, Epps has been formally charged with a misdemeanor involving disorderly or disruptive conduct within a restricted structure or grounds. According to NBC News, the individual in question has been charged through the use of information, suggesting a possible intent to enter into a plea bargain.

The individual, who had previously served in the military and held the position of chapter president within the far-right group known as the Oath Keepers, stated that their attendance at the Capitol on January 6 was to express their support for then-President Donald Trump.

According to The New York Times, Epps was “seen on video encouraging demonstrators to march with him and enter the Capitol at one point. At another point, however, he pleads for restraint once it becomes clear the situation is turning violent. He also pushes past a police barricade into a restricted part of the Capitol grounds.”

Carlson was intrigued by the lack of swift charges against Epps, and he propagated the theory that Epps may have been an undercover agent employed by the FBI to instigate the gathering of individuals outside the Capitol. Additional media proponents of Trump embraced the notion, attributing responsibility for the violent acts not to Trump and his supporters, but to clandestine government entities.

According to a publication from Epps’ native newspaper, The Arizona Republic:

Carlson ratcheted up the rhetoric about Epps in successive episodes of his popular broadcast after the insurrection. He first raised questions about Epps, played videos of him at the Capitol, pointed to Epps never being charged, then accused him of stage-managing the insurrection.

Carlson offered no direct evidence to support his claims.

Subsequently, Carlson’s employment at Fox News was terminated, a period during which he primarily directed his comments at Epps. However, Epps has initiated legal proceedings against the cable news network on defamation grounds, as stated in the complaint: “Fox knew it needed a scapegoat for January 6th. It settled on Ray Epps and began promoting the lie that Epps was a federal agent who incited the attack on the Capitol.”

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