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DeSantis Campaign Admits Defeat, Has a New Goal in Iowa: Report

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Gov. Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign is not seeking a decisive victory in the Iowa caucuses.

According to a campaign official who was interviewed by Politico, DeSantis is content with a second-place finish in the race. Despite the congested Republican field, the DeSantis campaign is viewing the contest as effectively between DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

“We believe it’s already a two-person race,” the unnamed official said, stating the campaign would be satisfied with a “strong second-place finish” in the Hawkeye State.

“But the reality is, on the ballot there are other choices, and our goal is to get this down to a two-person race on the ballot, especially as we head into South Carolina and beyond into March.”

“A strong second-place showing gives us an opportunity to go in[to] New Hampshire and show success.”

Shortly after the governor declared his presidential candidacy in May, his campaign and political action committee infrastructure began targeting Iowa.

Jeff Roe of the pro-DeSantis Never Back Down PAC said Iowa was a priority for the organization in audio obtained by Politico earlier this month.

“Iowa is a real state for us because of its education — it’s a highly educated state — because of income, because of Bible reading,” he said.

Roe pointed to New Hampshire — the state following Iowa’s caucus with a primary — as difficult terrain for Trump.

“New Hampshire is a terrible state for Donald Trump,” he said. “That’s a terrible state for him. He’s gonna get like 28 percent” of the primary vote.

“Now there is more people who will have a slice of that and some people are just betting on New Hampshire overall.

“But he’s going to lose the first two states. We’re going to beat him in Iowa.”

DeSantis doubled down on retail politics in the state by attending the Iowa-Iowa State football game on Saturday. Trump was present as well.

Trump holds a commanding advantage in the majority of Iowa caucus polls.

In the minds of Republican voters, DeSantis has labored to present himself as a credible alternative to Trump.

As of Thursday, the average of RealClearPolitics polls showed Trump with 44.5 percent support, dwarfing DeSantis’ 16.7 percent.

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