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DeSantis Gets Big News From Republicans

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As the midterm elections are just days away and presidential announcements are expected shortly thereafter, polls are being released often with data on American preferences; yet, some poll results are inconsistent with others.

A recent ABC News/Ipsos survey shows some intriguing insights into the perspectives of Democrats and Republicans on some issues. In a new survey, when Democrats were asked which socialist figures they believed should have influence over the future of the party, former President Barack Obama outperformed current President Joe Biden by 83 percentage points to 69 percentage points.

The same survey revealed that Americans trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle economic concerns, such as inflation and gas costs, as well as crime and immigration, but Democrats more to handle social ones, such as abortion rights and gun violence.

Exact numbers from the survey indicate that 38 percent of registered voters trust Republicans to handle inflation, gas prices, and the economy as a whole, compared to 21 percent who prefer Democrats to handle inflation and gas prices, and 24 percent who prefer Democrats to handle the economy as a whole.

After nearly two years in government, Joe Biden has presided over 40-year high inflation, record-breaking gas prices, and a recession, which has resulted in a preference for Republicans on economic concerns. In prior surveys, Biden’s support has been on the slide for some time.

One of the intriguing topics concerns the assertions of some Republicans that the 2020 election was stolen by Democrats. As a result of former President Donald Trump’s attacks on election integrity, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is gaining ground in this survey.

Although former President Trump and many other Republicans have never changed their stance on the subject, some have chosen to relegate it to the past despite the veracity of several claims and the imminence of upcoming elections. DeSantis has addressed voting integrity in his home state of Florida, though he has not been loud on the subject.

The confirmed funding of Democrat politicians by Mark Zuckerberg’s company while the social media platform was simultaneously banning conservative viewpoints and placing users in “Facebook prison” is an example of compromised integrity.

The survey revealed that opinions surrounding the most recent presidential election were important to some, but not to others.

More over one-third, or 36 percent, of registered voters of all affiliations indicated a candidate’s position on whether the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former President Donald Trump will not influence their vote.

52% of people stated they are less inclined to vote for a candidate who says the election was rigged. Just 8% are more inclined to vote for a candidate who feels the election was stolen.

22 percent of registered Republican voters indicated they would be more inclined to vote for the candidate, while just 12 percent said they would be less likely. 64 percent of Republicans are of the opinion that it makes no difference.

The majority of respondents, including Democrats, think they would be less inclined to vote for a candidate in the 2022 elections if they supported former President Trump’s accusations that the 2020 election was rigged.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Candidates are aligned in an order according to this opinion, according to the poll.

The poll states that 72 percent of Republicans are more interested in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis having influence over the future of the GOP than the 64 percent who want former President Donald Trump to maintain that power, with Trump coming in second place. CONTINUE READING…

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