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DeSantis Waffle House Video Catches Fire – The Florida Governor Is Putting Biden To Shame

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As Hurricane Ian traversed the Caribbean and Cuba, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent rescue and recovery teams and equipment to the west coast of Florida, the most probable forecast location to be affected by the Category 4 hurricane.

With most spaghetti models suggesting the anticipated landfall to be around the Tampa region, individuals in that area started hunkering down, provisioning and fleeing.

No one could have predicted that Hurricane Ian would slightly modify its track and make landfall in Ft. Myers instead.

As the storm approached, Governor DeSantis redirected emergency workers and trucks and waited for the storm to abate sufficiently to begin rescue and recovery operations.

Despite the fact that all hands were on deck in the Sunshine State, those outside the hurricane-aware South were quick to condemn Florida’s actions.

As reported by the New York Post, hours before the hurricane arrived, President Biden contacted three Florida mayors but did not contact Governor DeSantis. This was before the position of impact had even been determined. Before checking in with DeSantis, Biden called fellow Democrats Tampa Mayor Jane Castor, St. Pete Mayor Ken Welsh, and Republican Clearwater Mayor Frank Hibbard.

On Tuesday evening, the president finally telephoned DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis made it clear that if it came down to federal help for contested issues, such as sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities or choosing the best for Florida in political affairs, he would prioritize Florida.

However, when the near-Cat 5 storm struck, he put politics aside to deal with more pressing issues, and he did request federal help for the hurricane, returning the problem to the Biden Administration and FEMA.

The storm struck the United States on Wednesday, causing damage to the west coast of Florida before moving across the state as a tropical storm, moving to the Atlantic Ocean and gaining strength, and then making a third landfall as a Cat 1 on the entire South Carolina coast on Friday, with the eye making landfall south of Georgetown, S.C.

Before Ian arrived in South Carolina, DeSantis had begun rescue and recovery efforts.

President Biden plans to travel to Florida on Wednesday to assess the damage.

Due to his exceptional disaster response, Ron DeSantis has silenced his detractors. The YouTube video of him cooking for the repair men went viral. His careful reaction contradicts liberals’ predictions that he would fail.

Some media sites stated that Governor DeSantis was unprepared for the storm.

However, as reported by the Patriot Journal, the superstar Republican has shamed opponents with his amazing response to the historic storm.

Not only has he organized employees, volunteers, and companies, but he is also supporting responders by rolling up his sleeves.

He even puts Biden to shame by providing breakfast for staff. DeSantis praises the support of the Florida citizenry.

From Twitter:

Additionally, DeSantis is personally pitching in.

A video of him cooking for crews has gone viral.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Wow, this guy knows what he’s doing. Not only is he working overtime to help rebuild storm-impacted communities, but it looks like he’s won over critics, Patriot Journal notes. CONTINUE READING…

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