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Desperate Netflix Star Urges Biden to Activate Emergency Alert System to Encourage People to Vote Democrat

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Hollywood, along with the rest of the rabid left, continues their collapse as Joe Biden continues to fumble and spew nonsensical claims about “super mega MAGA Republicans” on the eve of Tuesday’s midterm elections and with all signs pointing to a disastrous loss for the Democrat Party.

How theatrical have Hollywood performers so become? Jason Bateman, star of the Netflix series Ozark, urged Biden to utilize the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to convince people to vote Democratic in the midterm elections, reiterating Biden’s faulty premise that Republicans constitute a threat to democracy.

According to Breitbart, on the most recent episode of the SmartLess podcast, Biden talked politics and the upcoming midterm elections with presenters Jason Bateman, the actor of a popular Netflix series, and celebrities Sean Hayes and Will Arnett.

Bateman didn’t waste much time pleading with Biden to call EMS:

“With the midterms on our doorstep … Two thirds of the seats that are up for grabs and the midterms are trending to be won by admitted election deniers. And then that means that elections and consequently democracy as a form of government will most likely be done away with or could be seriously threatened.”

“This is what they’re saying that their plan is once elected. So doesn’t that current, real forecast, even declaration, justify some kind of emergency alert that asks for maximum attention and participation from every single voter in America?”

Could you promise to think about utilizing your special authority as president to activate the emergency alert system during the next few days?

Please. First of all, there isn’t a single, mindless group of Republican voters who all agree that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” or “stolen.” Furthermore, I suppose that a sizable portion of objective Republicans are under pressure to say that the allegation is supported by substantial evidence even though they don’t, out of fear of retaliation from “you know who” and his steadfast supporters. Second, Bateman’s assertion that “This is what they’re stating their plan is” is absurd is a load of shit.

While acknowledging the aim of the Emergency Alert System, Bateman then invoked the standard “existential threat” argument used by Democrats:

Usually, it’s for the weather, killers, kidnapping, or some other issue. However, I don’t believe it is overstating things to classify this as an existential threat or even a mild crisis.

More on this story via The Red State:

He then argued that a simple 20-second card flashing on the screen would be enough to encourage voters to “get out and let their voices be heard” (vote Democrat and save the Republic).

Biden being Biden, he all but embraced Bateman’s ridiculous request, and also being Biden, he lied, deflected, and bumbled his way through his response:

By the way the point you’re making is the point. People have to vote. Look, the best example is the Supreme Court in the Dobbs decision said there’s a line from one of the (liberal) justices saying, ‘Women have a right to vote. We’ll see if they do.’ You saw what happened in Tennessee. Women showed up and vote. [sic] Women are out registering men for the first time significantly for this new election. CONTINUE READING…

SourceRed State

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