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Despite Packed Red Sox Game, Here’s What’s Happening at Bud Light Stands in Fenway Park

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Following Bud Light’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, fans at one of baseball’s most iconic stadiums appear to be shunning the brand.

In a video posted to social media on Wednesday, fans at Boston’s Fenway Park who were pursuing other food completely disregarded a concessions stand stocked with Bud Light beers.

This week, a four-game series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox was used to film the video.

Fans were waiting in line at an adjacent stand, leaving the Bud Light-stocked stand vacant.

According to a Red Sox guide, the brand has concessions privileges at 15 distinct venues within Fenway Park.

Luis Tejada, who identifies as a real estate agent in Boston, explained what was occurring in the now-viral video uploaded to YouTube and TikTok.

“Crickets at Bud Light stands in Fenway Park,” Tejada titled the YouTube video.

“Fenway Park Bud light stand Ghost Town!” he captioned the TikTok clip.

@luistejadabostonrealtor Fenway Park Bud light stand Ghost Town! #budlight #fenwaypark #redsox #massrealestate #realtor #bienesraices #jesuslovesyou #forsalebyowner #sellersagent #jesus ♬ Time of the Season – The Zombies

“That is so funny and bizarre,” the video’s author expressed in a signature Boston accent.

“Look at that. … That is every single Bud Light stand here at Fenway Park in Boston,” he said, pointing to a concession with no customers.

“They’re in trouble,” Tejada said. “I mean, I guess marketing has some questions to answer.”

At least one Twitter user who viewed the video speculated that baseball’s conservative-leaning fan base would be more likely to reject transgender-related beer.

Another spectator observed that the peculiar scenario occurred at a ballpark in Boston, a reliably blue city in a state controlled by the Democrats.

In March, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of Bud Light, caused an impromptu boycott of its products by partnering with Mulvaney.

The company has essentially conceded that the backlash has had a significant impact on its business.

It reportedly offered free cases of beer to smaller distributors who were angered that the beer behemoth had jeopardized its consumer relationships in order to promote the TikTok sensation.

During the week of April 22, Bud Light sales decreased by 21 percent, while sales of its light beer competitors increased proportionally.

Anheuser-Busch’s corporate management has attempted to minimize its partnership with Mulvaney in an effort to appease irate investors, dismissing an arrangement in which Mulvaney’s visage appeared on a Bud Light can to commemorate the transgender activist’s “day 365 of womanhood.”

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