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Direct TV Just Caught In MASSIVE Lie About Censoring Conservatives

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The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) begins tomorrow in Washington, D.C., with a series of prominent and prominent name speakers, as well as a series of conservative-focused panel discussions that will undoubtedly infuriate left-leaning pundits as they wring their hands and seek new ways to attack conservatives.

As with every year, there is a great deal to debate at each of the meetings, ranging from the expansion of technological censorship to the arming of the government by those in power.

As a result of DirecTV’s recent decision to drop Newsmax from its service, it is rumored that this year’s conservative conference will devote considerable time and attention to discussing this decision. It is hardly surprising that former president Donald Trump will be one of the guest speakers and that members of his campaign staff will also be there.

Notwithstanding the Trump campaign’s affection for the network, the topic remains relevant, since a worrying tendency of censoring opposing political viewpoints in the mainstream media has grown in recent years.

Let’s examine what transpired about a month ago when Newsmax was terminated, as well as what may be mentioned at CPAC later this week for those who have abandoned DirecTV entirely.

DirecTV’s abrupt decision was very suspicious:

According to DirecTV’s announcement last month, it was cutting Newsmax from its service to save money in order to cut costs. Since more and more families across America are switching over to streaming, it’s no wonder that the traditional cable industry needs some help in order to remain relevant in the future. As part of its argument for cutting Newsmax, DirecTV claimed the network was demanding “excessive fees” that would cost the company “tens of millions” of dollars. Newsmax, however, disputes that assertion.

According to Newsmax, they were requesting $1 per cable subscriber each year, one of the lowest costs in the cable sector. Even after eliminating Newsmax, DirecTV continues to air 22 left-leaning networks.

According to The Political Insider, “A fair amount of these left-leaning channels have lower ratings than Newsmax, and all receive license fees. If you were a business looking to cut costs, you’d cut channels with lower ratings and keep the ones that are doing well…such as Newsmax.”

Yet, Newsmax was not the first conservative channel dropped by DirecTV prior to an election. Prior to eliminating Newsmax, the AT&T-owned firm eliminated the One America News (OAN) channel in a fast move that raised eyebrows at the time and aroused even more suspicion when Newsmax was eliminated shortly thereafter.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

According to political strategist Dick Morris who appeared on Newsmax’s Saturday Report, he said he bets that a lot of chatter at CPAC this week will focus on the network’s censorship. CONTINUE READING…

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