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Disgraced Fox News Host Chris Wallace Suffers Worst Ratings Month Since CNN Move

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At a time when President Donald J. Trump’s popularity was growing, the irritating veteran news anchor Chris Wallace, whom Fox News artificially promoted for a long time, used his position to attack his political opponents, who happened to be Trump fans.

Lispy Wallace, who never had enough following to stand on his own, was handed the coveted position of a major talk show host deemed significant enough to moderate a Presidential Debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Joe Biden. Unfortunately, during the debate, Wallace did nothing except act like a fangirl for his particular hero, the Democrat Joe Biden, and attack Trump with a clear vengeance to make him appear terrible.

Wallace, finishing a play devised by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to discredit Trump over his tax returns (which turned out to be a big non-event when they were made public), attacks Trump in an extremely basic manner:

Wallace consistently and amateurishly favored the communist agenda on FOX, and his actions harmed the network’s credibility as a source of fair and balanced news.

Trump retaliated against Wallace for his horrible conduct as a moderator.

“Trump goes off on ‘the biggest fakers in the fake news’ like Chris Wallace, who shielded Joe Biden while Trump tried to debate him,” Newsmax reported.

And it wasn’t only Trump that Wallace targeted.

Here is a tape of Steve Cortes arguing with David Wallace about his personal assaults on others:

“One year ago today, I challenged Chris Wallace after he harangued me the same way he badgered Pres Trump in the first debate days earlier — Wallace inserted himself into the showdown and didn’t remotely act as a neutral moderator,” Steve Cortes reported about Wallace.

Now we learn that Wallace has had his just desserts.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Wallace once helmed one of the most popular and influential Sunday news programs in all of the television at Fox News, is barely making a dent in the industry at his new employer, CNN, according to a report by Western Journal. CONTINUE READING…

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