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DISGUSTING: Moment two officers REFUSE to hold the door open for Trump

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Resentment toward the ‘America First’ policies of President Donald J. Trump by the Marxist left, who have worked so long and so hard to destroy the freest country, was on display Tuesday, as even taxpayer burdens, who live off the money of hard-working Americans, displayed hostility toward the most popular US President of their lifetimes.

The gulf between the cultural warriors in the country, who seek to establish a more draconian system of dominance and control over free people, and the traditional Americans, who seek to maintain the United States as a beacon of liberty, could not be wider at this time.

People who rely on the government are often dissatisfied with Trump, who supports free enterprise and open markets – that is, WORK.

Trump is a laborer and he advocates for laborers. As is common knowledge, government dependents dislike labor. They favor more welfare-style payments.

Therefore, the conflict is between those who desire an authoritarian regime in which government buddies are rewarded easily. Due to this system, so many individuals have departed their homelands in search of liberty and opportunity in the United States.

Their betrayal of Trump constitutes a violation of their American citizenship, and it is embarrassing for them; but, this does not prevent their acts from terrifying and startling the average American.

The authoritarianism of New York’s leadership is horrible and bigoted towards White Americans, yet it is forgiven since it is done in an effort to control Americans.

The Daily Mail reported on some of the clown show leadership in New York and the excessively bossy government dependents there.

“Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whose career will be defined by the controversial case, was seen quietly slipping into his office a few hours earlier while Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene prepared to host her own protest nearby.

She was warned yesterday by New York City Mayor Eric Adams to be on her ‘best behavior’ while in town.

Trump’s attorneys say he will speak outside the courthouse before going inside, then will speak again afterwards before making his way back to his plane at LaGuardia airport. The arraignment begins at 2.15pm.

The indictment – the first against any former US president – has been met with glee among Trump’s political enemies and disgust among many Republicans, who see it as nothing more than a biased attempt by left-wing prosecutors to stop him from returning to office.

The case has bolstered support among his die-hard donors and fans; in Massachusetts and New Hampshire Trump now leads main rival Ron DeSantis.”

The outlet went on:

Melania Trump’s absence from Trump’s event was compared to Julia Roberts singing in the bathtub in the film Pretty Woman by the top meme-makers on social media.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Another showed Donald Trump Jr. reading a kids book titled ‘The Night Dad Went to Prison,’ and a third showed a forecast calling for ‘mostly stormy’ weather Tuesday with a picture of Stormy Daniels – the porn star who Trump’s hush-payments to sparked his indictment – instead of a cloud icon. CONTINUE READING…

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