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Disney Shredding Through Its Remaining Workforce as Layoffs Go Global: Report

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The House of Mouse’s inner turmoil is essentially on display for the world to see.

A new report suggests that Disney’s domestic problems are no longer confined to the United States, as they have recently become extremely public and visible to all.

According to Deadline, these problems have now extended to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and Disney employees worldwide have been informed that “their jobs are at risk of being eliminated.”

According to the report, the departments with the “most at risk” employees are marketing and press, but talent acquisition, engineering, and information technology will also be affected.

Curiously, despite Disney+’s enduring difficulties, employees of the streaming service were characterized as “safe from the cuts for the time being.”

This report follows Disney’s drastic restructuring of its domestic operations, which resulted in the elimination of thousands of positions.

According to Deadline, the same factors were responsible for both the U.S. and international firings.

CNN reported at the time that Disney began eliminating 7,000 positions in March, the majority of which were in the United States.

According to the report, the cuts were to occur in “three waves.”

Those 7,000 employees represent approximately 3 percent of the global workforce of the media conglomerate.

The international cuts will be “proportional” to the American cuts, according to Deadline.

Recent financial difficulties at Disney have been caused by a number of factors, including the status of the economy.

Disney was never a “cheap” brand to begin with, but in today’s economic climate, theme parks and entertainment are often the most feasible cost-cutting options for families.

However, while Disney has little control over the state of the economy, the same cannot be said for the highly publicized and acrimonious feud between the company and Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis, who announced his presidential candidacy on Wednesday.

This ordeal began when Disney opposed DeSantis and the Republican-controlled state legislature’s efforts to keep sexually explicit material away from pupils.

Since then, the governor and Disney have engaged in a never-ending legal battle in both actual court and the court of public opinion.

However, while DeSantis is preparing for an inevitable showdown with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, it appears that Disney’s greatest conflicts are internal as it continues to deal with its own bloated workforce.

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