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Disturbing Hunter Biden White House Video Launches More Cocaine Rumors

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The Secret Service and other legal experts have enumerated the measures that will be taken to identify the individual who brought cocaine into the White House, including the review of surveillance footage.

Regarding this, a number of online commentators have brought up Hunter Biden’s strange behavior at a White House event.

Sadly, Hunter’s substance addiction problem included cocaine use. A short video clip of Joe Biden’s son has caused people to scratch their minds, despite the lack of evidence that he is still using the substance or that he was the person who brought it into the White House.

Joseph Biden can be seen waving from a White House balcony with his family during the Fourth of July holiday weekend in the video. Hunter, who was also present, waved farewell to his wife and son while raising his hand to his nostril, fueling rumors that he was using cocaine.

There has been no evidence or even the slightest indication that Hunter Biden is reusing it. However, hard substances are difficult to cease. Especially if you’re anxious and in the public eye for potentially accepting massive bribes from foreign countries to give your powerful father significant profits.

Nonetheless, a source with knowledge of the case disclosed on Wednesday that lab tests for the substance located in the White House on Sunday were positive for cocaine.

Oddly enough, the not-fake news outlet CNN truthfully reported that “Previous field testing showed a positive result for cocaine, but the substance was sent for further evaluation and testing, the Secret Service had said previously. The substance was found near the ground floor entrance to the West Wing, the person said. The location is where staff-led tours of the White House pass through on their way into the building.”

“The substance was found near where guests are asked to leave their cell phones before proceeding into the West Wing. Sources had previously described the substance as a white powder found in a small, zipped bag. It was found by Secret Service personnel conducting routine rounds of the building. The discovery of the substance on Sunday evening triggered a brief evacuation as part of what the Secret Service described as ‘precautionary closures.’”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Joe Biden returned to the White House on Tuesday morning after spending the weekend at Camp David. All the while, authorities are trying to identify the person who carried cocaine into the structure. CONTINUE READING…

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