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Disturbing Photo Of Jill Biden Surfaces – What She’s Really Been Up To…

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This summer, First Lady Jill Biden has been occupied between going to the shore with Vice President Joe Biden in Delaware and functioning as his medical handler as he wanders aimlessly in public.

However, a recent photo of her has been posted online that a large number of people find “disturbing” due to the message it conveys. While the Bidens conceal a number of matters, such as their business dealings with their wayward son Hunter and the fact that Joe garnered millions of dollars on a comparably meager politician’s salary, they make no secret of their divisive political agenda.

Jill is no different than Joe when it comes to flaunting her political beliefs in front of the public; in fact, some believe she is piloting the ship at the White House while Joe simply follows orders. While her husband was destroying the country, Jill traveled to San Francisco, California, to take this group photo and post it on Instagram. San Francisco is an ideal representation of the condition of our nation under his leadership.

In the photo, Jill poses for a group photo with representatives from Manny’s, a “civic and political events space; SF’s town hall looking to effect change,” according to the space’s social media bio. At a time when parents are criminalized for fighting back against sexualized “family” events hosted and/or featuring drag queens, Jill shows what side she stands with.

According to the caption, Manny’s is “unapologetically queer and unapologetically political.” Both unapologetic positions are acceptable, but the double standard is not. If someone else, say on the opposite side of the political divide, were to state that they were unapologetically straight and white and pushed their politics on everyone, they would be accused of using hate speech and being bigoted or racist, among other derogatory terms.

Jill and Joe Biden visited the Bay Area on separate occasions in June. According to an email newsletter sent Tuesday by the Mission-based cafe and civic events space Manny’s, which hosts a variety of political, arts, and community events, Jill was there on June 13 to “participate in a fundraising reception for her husband’s 2024 campaign.”

“That’s right—Dr. Jill Biden is coming to our little corner of San Francisco for a special afternoon fundraising reception for President Biden’s Campaign and I’d like to invite you to join,” wrote Manny’s proprietor Manny Yekutiel. “It’s a huge moment for me personally and for Manny’s so I hope you’ll dig deep, get on board, support the President, and come hang with the First Lady and me.”

It is unknown how much money was raised or whether the event was a financial success for the First Couple. Nevertheless, if ticket sales are any indication, the Bidens could not attract large crowds in even one of America’s most liberal cities. The SF Standard reported at the time of the event that general reception tickets range from $100 to $1,000, with the majority of sales occurring for the $100 tickets, leaving many of the more expensive options available.

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