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Doctors Provide Amazing Update on Damar Hamlin Day After Bills Defeat Patriots

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Doctors who treated Damar Hamlin reported that the Bills safety was back in Buffalo on Monday, an encouraging indicator of the extraordinary recovery he has made in the past week after suffering cardiac arrest during a game in Cincinnati and needing to be resuscitated on the field.

Hamlin was released from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in the morning and then transported to Buffalo, where Dr. William Knight reported that he was “doing well.”

Additionally, the Bills issued a statement on Twitter:

Hamlin’s comeback comes a day after he cheered on the Bills from his hospital bed during their 35-23 victory against the New England Patriots to cap the regular season.

The game was a cathartic display of support for the Bills and for Hamlin.

The Bills honored their teammate by wearing No. 3 Hamlin patches on their jerseys and raising three fingers in the final minutes, while tight end Dawson Knox celebrated his score by shaping his hands into the shape of a heart.

Hamlin replied on Twitter with a heartfelt statement intended at Knox.

Many supporters participated, displaying red heart and No. 3 placards.

Hamlin, age 24, has made substantial recovery progress despite spending his first two days at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center sedated and breathing through a ventilator.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

He was awakened on Wednesday night and was eventually able to grip people’s hands. By Friday, Hamlin was able to breathe on his own and even addressed the team by videoconference, in which he told the Bills, β€œLove you boys.” CONTINUE READING…

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