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Doctors Weigh in On What Could Be Causing Whoopi Goldberg’s Gassy Interruptions on ‘The View’

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According to several specialists, Whoopi Goldberg’s recent on-air farts was likely caused by her diet and sciatica.

According to the Daily Mail, Goldberg disrupted a portion of Wednesday’s broadcast of “The View” with an episode of gas, which she confirmed by stating, “That was gas,” as if it were not obvious from the hosts’ reactions.

According to the Sun, the incident did not prevent Goldberg from eating during a commercial break later in the show.

Goldberg is accustomed to eating during her performances, as the Sun highlighted last month when she appeared onstage munching.

She then stated, “And if anybody is concerned about me right now, don’t worry about it because I have a Tootsie in my mouth.”

Whoopi experiencing inner conflicts on live television:

Wednesday, when addressing Goldberg’s flatulence, Dr. Ahmed Albusoda, a gastroenterologist at The Princess Grace Hospital in London, stated that what goes in one end is related to what comes out the other.

According to the Mail, he stated, “If she is eating a lot of junk food, or anything that has a lot of fat in it like processed foods, that can also slow down your bowel movements and cause constipation.”

“Junk food is not healthy for the bowel and may also change the population of gut bacteria,” he said.

Albusoda added that a healthy diet might also have an effect, since a change in food can trigger flatulence by altering the intestinal bacteria.

New York City nutritionist Dr. Jessica Cording acknowledged that food may be a problem.

“If somebody is experiencing excess amounts of gas, something that might be contributing to that is certain foods,” she said.

“Cruciferous vegetables, legumes, lentils that sort of thing… are known to be more gas producing. Somebody who is just starting to add more fiber to their diet that can cause more gas in their bowels,” she said. CONTINUE READING…

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