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Does NOTHING Except Eat, Sleep, and Shi*t: Trump Rips Biden In New Statement

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While Democrats crank up their assaults on former President Donald Trump, Trump is not taking it lying down. While he awaits the latest actions from New York in the form of an indictment, which he claims he will address and defeat, he is also keeping up with his campaign and his MAGA posts defining the condition of the United States and the fact that a strong leader is needed in our country more than ever before.

Trump continues to write on his own and other social media about current issues and the status of the country as well as foreign events, and he made multiple postings last week about the ongoing persecution he faces in New York, the state of the U.S. as the world watches, and world happenings.

Trump released a blistering criticism about Joe Biden’s leadership in a tweet, alleging that the 80-year-old president does nothing “except eat, sleep, and sh*t!”

“China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and other Nations of a less than friendly nature, are busy ‘CARVING UP THE WORLD’ as our once great United States of America sits back and watches,” Trump wrote. “We are a Failing Nation, with Open Borders, Fake Elections, and a horrible Inflation Riddled Economy. We no longer set the standard, the standard sets us. Our so-called ‘Leader’ does NOTHING except Eat, Sleep, and S..t! Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?”

Trump’s allusion to Joe DiMaggio, a legend in the world of baseball, comes from a song by Simon and Garfunkel, Mrs. Robinson,. The 1968 song expresses dismay at the political state of the country, saying “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you… Wooo, woo, woo… What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson, Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away… hey…hey…hey…”

Trump is not holding back as he awaits the indictment that the New York District Attorney believes will be arriving after years of effort.

This week, it was reported that New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg is now near to indicting Donald Trump for hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels before to the 2016 campaign, reportedly to keep her quiet about an affair they had in 2006. Trump asserts that he has committed no wrongdoing and that the entire charade is a witch hunt similar to several others undertaken against him.

Trump’s attorney has stated that he will not resist arrest and will comply. Joseph Tacopina stated that there would be no confrontation between the Secret Service and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office at Mar-a-Lago. Conservative Brief observed that he believed that Trump, whom he classified as a survivor, will use any allegations leveled against him to his political benefit in the long term.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“Most people would collapse under the weight of this,” he said. “He seems to turn everything into a positive and everything into a boost for his campaign, so I’m sure this will just join that long list of things that people think no one could overcome, but he will.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Trump’s home state and possible presidential hopeful himself seems to agree, making a blatant statement about the Soros-funded attacks against Trump and the fact that the DA in Manhattan should have more things to worry about in his own backyard than Trump handling his own legal matters. CONTINUE READING…

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