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DOJ Announces Plan To Arrest ‘Thousands’ Of Trump Supporters

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The U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Matthew Graves, stated that his office plans to concentrate on prosecuting a number of individuals who congregated in the vicinity of the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Already, more than 1,400 individuals have been charged by the office of Graves with offenses related to January 6th; these charges have resulted in over 900 convictions, all of which carry a mandatory prison sentence. Graves has acknowledged that the majority of individuals responsible for the assaults on Secret Service officials and the forcible entry into the White House throughout the George Floyd disturbances of 2020 have evaded legal repercussions. This is diametrically opposed to the present state of affairs.

Graves stated at a recent press conference that his agency will concentrate its efforts in the near future on individuals who have congregated in the vicinity of the Capitol or outside its premises. “A crucial point to consider regarding our legal actions against individuals who stayed outside the premises.” The exercise of our prosecutorial discretion has been exclusively directed on individuals who entered the building or engaged in violent or corrupt behavior on Capitol grounds,” he stated.

“But if a person knowingly entered the restricted area without authorization, they had already committed a federal crime. Make no mistake, thousands of people occupied an area that they were not authorized to be present in in the first place.”

Concurrently with Graves’ suggestion that the January 6 Capitol protests could result in a significant number of arrests in the future, a participant affiliated with the radical left boasted of receiving $24,000 in monetary compensation for his participation in the “George Floyd rebellion.”

“The City of New York has paid me and 300+ others $24k each, for beating us & detaining us w out rights in the Bronx, during the 2020 George Floyd rebellion,” the man wrote. He then referred to New York City Mayor Eric Adams as a “Zionist pig” and vowed to donate his taxpayer-funded check to Palestine.

New York City, along with several other predominantly liberal urban regions, has sanctioned financial restitution for participants in violent demonstrations linked to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Graves, doubling down on his resolve to exact retribution on any Republican who happened to be in the nation’s capital on January 6, 2000, justified thousands more arrests by asserting that a significantly greater number of police officers were injured on that day than had been previously reported.

According to Graves, the incident was “the largest single-day, mass assault of law enforcement officers in our nation’s history.”

“One hundred and forty officers guarding the Capitol that day reported physical injury. But we know from talking to the hundreds of officers guarding the Capitol that day that this 140 number undercounts the number of officers who were physically injured, let alone those who have suffered trauma as a result of the day’s events,” said Graves, who was speaking at a press conference commemorating the third anniversary of the insurrection.

Graves reports that a considerable proportion of law enforcement personnel who sustained injuries in the assault have tendered their resignations on account of their persistent physical incapacitation, which hinders them from carrying out their responsibilities as officers. CONTINUE READING…

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