Donald Trump Breaks Media Silence After Rush Limbaugh’s Death

Following the news of conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh passing away, former President Trump broke his long media silence and reacted to Limbaugh’s death.

Prior to today, Trump had not done any interviews since leaving the White House on January 20th.

But within an hour of the news breaking about Limbaugh’s passing, Trump called into Fox News’s “Outnumbered” to provide a tribute for him.

“He is a legend. He really is. There aren’t too many legends around. But he is a legend,” Trump stated. “And those people who listen to him every day, it was like a religious experience for a lot of people.”

More from The Hill:

Trump said he had spoken to Limbaugh in recent days as the radio host’s condition worsened following a diagnosis of cancer. The former president praised Limbaugh as “street smart” and a “great gentleman.”


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“He thought we were going to win,” Trump said of Limbaugh’s 2016 support. “I don’t think it was necessarily the reason he was so gracious so early. He just had an incredible instinct for politics and he had an incredible instinct for life.”

“He, in theory, could have been gone four months ago, really,” Trump went on to say. “He was a fighter.”

Trump offered up some more praise for Limbaugh, saying people “respected him even if they didn’t like him.”

Limbaugh was an outspoken Trump supporter from very early on in the 2016 primary, despite not really knowing Trump at the time.

Limbaugh and Trump’s relationship progressed as time went on.

At the State of the Union in 2020, then President Trump awarded Limbaugh with the Medal of Freedom.

Throughout Trump’s campaign for his second term, Limbaugh hosted Trump on his show several times and continued to proudly support him.

Limbaugh was 70-years-old when he passed after a hard battle with cancer.

He was diagnosed around a year ago.

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