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Donald Trump Decimates Top Fox News Host With Overnight Atom Bomb

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Insiders disclosed that Fox News’ corporate donations program matches employee contributions to some of the nation’s most leftist and anti-Christian organizations less than a week ago, continuing the company’s gradual trickle of humiliating revelations.

According to The Blaze, which spoke with two current Fox employees and one former employee, the network’s “Fox Giving” portal allows employees to see their contributions matched to far-left organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Satanic Temple. All spoke anonymously to discuss a development that will be yet another significant setback to the network, which has been struggling since the firing of its most popular star, Tucker Carlson.

In light of this, it should come as no surprise that the network is doing the behest of the GOP’s donor class, who do not want Trump to be the 2024 nominee.

In a late-night posting frenzy on his social media network Truth Social, the former president attacked Fox presenter Bret Baier, Ron DeSantis, and several other opponents.

After midnight on Tuesday, Trump posted on Twitter: “MAGA, which is most of the Republican Party, is very angry at FoxNews for continuing to push Ron DeSanctimonious, no personality and all, and guys like Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, who couldn’t even start a presidential run because of zero poll numbers, whose got his father’s look, but not his father’s brain.”

In another, he stated, “In almost every poll, DeSanctimonious loses to Biden, while I am far ahead of Biden, Bret Baier of FoxNews (of course!) should have stated this fact during his SOFTBALL interview of DeSanctus,” criticizing Baier for his Monday night interview with Desantis.

“There are polls showing a 71 to 12 points up margin, but Fox just doesn’t want to go there. Why do you think I’m being Indicted every hour by the Left? I got DeSanctus elected, or he was “dead” at 3%, out of politics. Now he’s GONE once more, even with all of this CRAZY help from Fox – 2016 all over again!” Trump stated.

As a finishing blow, he assailed Karl Rove at the end of the post: “He was interviewed today on FoxNews and has a serious case, along with Creepy Karl Rove, of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Republican Version. These guys should forget their failures!”

In addition, Trump claimed that Fox News’ ratings were halved “because they are not MAGA strong and not MAGA SMART. It can be saved, but it won’t be easy!”

“Why does FoxNews keep featuring ‘losers’ like failed Presidential candidates ‘Aida’ Hutchinson, Crybaby Chris Sununu, who was ready to ‘run’ when he realized he was polling at ZERO, and Sloppy Chris Christie? Doesn’t make sense, nobody wants to watch them!” he added in a subsequent post. CONTINUE READING…

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