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Donald Trump News Today: DA Says Decision to File Charges In ‘Imminent’

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Georgia has been the site of one of the several investigations ongoing since the 2020 presidential election. A special grand jury in Atlanta is examining whether then-President Donald Trump and his cronies committed any crimes while attempting to reverse his proclaimed loss in the 2020 Georgia election. The investigation committee’s job is now complete, and a report is forthcoming.

According to the Associated Press, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney issued a two-page order Monday disbanding the special grand jury, stating that it had completed its work and filed its final report. The protracted inquiry is one of many nationwide probes that threaten Trump as he re-enters the race for the White House.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will decide whether to seek an indictment based on the findings of the study. Jeff DiSantis, a representative for Willis, stated earlier that the company had no comment on the conclusion of the panel’s work.

Now, however, the Georgia prosecutor has stated that a decision on whether or not to file charges against Mr. Trump and his associates for their efforts to overturn the 2020 election in the state is “imminent.” Tuesday, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis expressed opposition to the report’s immediate release, citing the special grand jury’s recommendation of many indictments.

Independent.co.uk claimed that everyone is awaiting a ruling from a judge in Fulton County over the public release of a grand jury report following an eight-month investigation into the legality of former President Trump’s alleged activities.

Many individuals, including attorneys on both sides, were aware that they were on the line during the under investigation phone call of former President Trump, he said in a post about the Georgia incident.

Trump maintained his position:

“With many people on the line on what was a PERFECT call protesting the Rigged Georgia Election, which I have a clear right to do, and in fact an obligation to do since I made the call as President, how come not one person said, while on the call, that I acted inappropriately, or made a statement of protest at what I said, &then slammed down the phone. Not one, even with so many opposing people, lawyers, and others on the line. NO ADMONISHMENT at all. We nicely agreed to speak again.”

Trump posted in regard to that call and another:

“That was the call to Georgia. It was PERFECT, nothing done or said wrong. We agreed to continue our conversation at a later date. The other call, that was probably taped by them illegally, was so good that when the Washington Post heard it, they did a retraction and apology because they were fed false information, perhaps by the Secretary of State’s office, and they were angry about it! The Election in Ggeorgia was RIGGED AND STOLEN. We have all the evidence needed. That is the CRIME!”

With Trump launching his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, Democrats will inevitably attempt to prevent him from becoming a credible contender.

On the same day that the Fulton County District Attorney made his statement, papers were discovered at the residence of former vice president Mike Pence.

The FBI raid on former President Trump’s property in Florida. Mar-a-Lago, and the subsequent seizure of the records found there, marked the beginning of documents seemingly being discovered everywhere. Trump asserted that had declassified the records, a prerogative of a sitting president, prior to leaving office and had held them in his residence until his presidential library could hold them. The FBI had previously visited the storage place of the papers at Mar-a-Lago, requested extra locks on the room, and Trump had obliged, so people who knew the FBI had previously approved of the arrangement viewed the raid as strange.

Then, at least five times secret materials were discovered in President Biden’s possession; these records dated back to his tenure as vice president under Barack Obama, when he did not have declassification authority as President Trump had. Some of the Biden records were also from his time as a senator, when he lacked the security clearance that the highest levels of the Executive Branch of the United States government bestow.

Now documents surface at Mike Pence’s residence. Greg Jacob, Pence’s attorney, indicated that “a small number of documents were inadvertently boxed and transported” to the vice president’s residence at the conclusion of the previous administration. The records seized at Pence’s residence in Indiana are the third such batch to be examined. Donald Trump rushed to Mike Pence’s defense on Tuesday, following the discovery of secret materials in the former vice president’s residence. Trump called Pence a “innocent man” and encouraged people to “leave him alone” in a Truth Social post.

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