Dr. Fauci Just Threatened 70% of Americans

Dr. Anthony Fauci has once again raised the alarm about COVID-19, stating in an interview on Tuesday that individuals who are not vaccinated may “get into trouble” this autumn and winter.

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Fauci told Los Angeles radio station KNX-AM, “If they don’t get vaccinated or if they don’t get boosted, they’re in trouble.”

A significant portion of the U.S. population is not current on COVID-19 vaccinations.

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As of July 21, the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that 227.8 million Americans had not obtained a main round of vaccinations or a booster dose. That constitutes around 70% of the population.

“In each state, at least fifty percent of the population is unvaccinated against COVID-19. KFF observed that in Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia, over 80 percent of the population is not up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 107,924,198 Americans have received the first booster. This represents 48 percent of immunized individuals.

Even fewer Americans have received a second dose of the booster vaccine.

The CDC advises that those aged 50 and older obtain the second booster. Only 19,935,913, or around 31 percent, of this group have done so.

In a radio interview on Tuesday, Dr. Fauci described the total vaccine and booster rates as “quite discouraging.”

“If you want to get your arms around — metaphorically, as it were — the outbreak, you want to get as many people in our community — and by community I mean our nation and the world — vaccinated and boosted so you don’t give this virus such ample opportunity to freely circulate,” Fauci said.

He emphasized that the only way to control the virus and prevent it from continuously changing is to vaccine everyone.

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Fauci termed vaccination and booster shots a “communal responsibility.”

People argue, ‘Well, the danger to me is little, so why should I get it?’ It is your job as an individual, but it is also the responsibility of the community to bring this pandemic under control.”