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Dr. Oz Closes Huge Gap In PA As Fetterman Faces Controversy Consequences

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John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for the Senate in Pennsylvania, has had a sizable lead against Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican, for several months. However, with less than three weeks to Election Day, he has lost the lead, and concerns about his physical condition after a stroke many months ago have caught up to him.

Trump-back Oz and his campaign have received excellent news as they prepare for his one and only debate with his controversial opponent Fetterman. According to a recent poll performed by Insider Advantage for FOX29, the Fox station in Philadelphia.

With Fetterman and Oz receiving 46.3% and 45.5% of the vote, respectively, and around 5% of the electorate remaining undecided, the poll’s error margin is no longer a factor.

Matt Towery, the chairman of InsiderAdvantage, attributes Fetterman’s narrowing advantage to independent voters breaking for Oz by twenty points.

“Oz is also picking an unusually high 14% of the African American vote and Asians and Hispanics prefer Oz say they are voting for Oz by a wide margin. Fetterman continues to enjoy a ten-point lead among female voters, while men prefer Oz at that same rate,” Towery explained.

Political watchers tend to think that Fetterman has been’struggling with non-white voters’ in comparison to Oz, whose medical background and economic success have appealed to minority voters, according to Newsweek.

The Philadelphia police union’s support last month was a significant contributor to Oz’s stunning leap in the polls. Due to Fetterman’s’soft-on-crime’ attitudes, particularly his desire to release hardened convicts, including murders, from jail, the union supported Oz.

According to the New York Post, Fetterman, who is the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and chairs the state’s Board of Pardons (BOP), “commissioned two reports last year by Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity (PLSE) that recommended the BOP consider merit-based clemency for currently incarcerated second-degree murderers and for the state legislature to reform the law that mandates life sentences without parole for second-degree murder convictions.

At the time, Fetterman stated that he commissioned the papers to advocate for “mercy for the deserving and rehabilitated.”

During a PLSE press conference on March 1, 2021, a Democratic official stated that the studies revealed “the lives that are damaged” and “the resources that are wasted” as a result of the law. He said that he believed the findings would “lead to a dialogue” that may result in the release of 1,200 convicts, as reported by the New York Posts.

“I hope that it could lead to a conversation that would free close to 1,200 people of a legacy that never made sense, that encompasses victims’ input, encompasses their conduct and behavior in prison, it takes a look at the resources that are wasted that…,” said Fetterman.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“I always want to err on the side of mercy,” Fetterman said during the press conference. “Juvenile lifers released by a Supreme Court decision, the recidivism rate was less than 1 percent. That’s a remarkable statistic. That demonstrates that these individuals, once they are released, are not Hannibal Lecters, they’re out living their best lives. … You age out of crime. Now imagine people who have never taken a life, to begin with, imagine what that recidivism rate would be.” CONTINUE READING…

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