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Dylan Mulvaney Leaves US, Claims ‘I Had to Leave My Country to Feel Safe’

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As Bud Light sales declined over a period of months, so did the trans influencer whose association with the beer precipitated the decline.

On Monday, Dylan Mulvaney claimed in a TikTok video that he no longer felt secure in the United States.

“OK surprise! I’m in Peru, and I’m at Machu Picchu. Isn’t this just so beautiful,” Mulvaney began.

“I came here to feel something … And I definitely have. I have done shaman ceremonies that were like 10 years worth of therapy. It was wild.

“I’ve seen a lot of llamas, and the people here are so kind. I feel very safe here.”

“It’s a little sad that I had to leave my country to feel safe, but that will get better eventually,” he continued.

“And I am dying for some Trader Joe’s rolled chili lime chips, but other than that, I am so content. I still haven’t been kissed yet, but I’m holding out hope. And most of all this trip has me feeling like I’m my own best friend again. And that is the best feeling in the world, and I hope that you feel that way about yourself, too.”

The video drew a scathing response on Twitter.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, last month Mulvaney criticized Anheuser-Busch for not doing more to support him during the boycott that saw the beer’s sales decline.

”I was waiting for the brand to reach out to me, but they never did. I’ve been scared to leave my house. For a company to hire a trans person and then not publicly stand by them is worse than not hiring a trans person at all,” he said then.

Newsweek reported that according to industry consultant Bump Williams Consulting, Bud Light’s revenue for the four weeks ending July 1 decreased by 28 percent compared to the same period last year. The volume of beer sold by Bud Light decreased by 31,2 percent.

Fox Business quotes Anson Frericks, the former president of operations for the company, as saying that Anheuser-Busch should focus on calming consumers.

He said he was “shocked … about the lack of clear response that the current CEO has delivered during this crisis.

He said Anheuser-Bush CEO Brendan Whitworth should have said the partnership with Mulvaney “was a mistake.’”

“‘We wouldn’t do this again because we’ve lost billions of dollars of market cap. Our brands are down almost 30 percent and all of a sudden, we’re putting a lot of our suppliers at risk, and they’re laying off hundreds of people from jobs at some of their suppliers. There’s going to be more employees at risk if we don’t find a CEO who can somehow address the situation, get those customers back that were always loyal to Bud Light and move this company forward,” he said.

He said Bud Light “was the largest brand in the U.S. because it was remarkably apolitical. It was always about sports, it was always about music, it was about bringing people together. That’s why it was a mistake that they did this campaign in the first place.”

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