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Early Voting Has begun In Senate Run-Off Election And Dems Are At It Again

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After a long weekend, Georgians will return to the polls to vote on a Senate seat that has major implications for both parties in terms of U.S. Senate power.

In a simple runoff election, it would seem that standard procedure would suffice, but Democrats are imposing additional requirements on this election, as is their custom.

During the contentious campaign between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker, Georgia Democrats enlisted Marc Elias, the attorney behind the 2016 Russia collusion hoax, to compel Georgia to allow an additional day of early voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Elias searched for an activist judge who would grant him an easy victory, and he located one. The GOP eventually filed an appeal, but the Georgia Supreme Court refused to block the lower court’s decision the day before Thanksgiving.

According to Jason Snead of the Daily Caller, this is a disappointing outcome that disregards the law’s black-and-white language.

“As the Honest Elections Project pointed out in our brief, Georgia’s election code clearly states that if the second Saturday before the runoff election follows a Thursday or Friday public holiday, early voting should not take place on that Saturday. The provision is meant to give election workers an extra day off over Thanksgiving weekend. After working long hours for weeks during the midterms, Georgia’s election workers have surely earned it.

In contrast, the influence on Georgia voters was minor. Voting in Georgia is simple, as demonstrated by the midterm election. The law gives Georgians at least five days to vote in runoff elections, and everyone can vote by mail or on Election Day. With so much riding on the result of the Georgia Senate runoff, Democrats are seeking for any advantage they can find. Therefore, Marc Elias’s lawsuit did not seek to mandate statewide early voting on November 26, but rather to permit it.

This is a distinction with a distinction. Elias argues that large urban counties, such as Fulton County, which encompasses Atlanta, would be significantly more likely to have the resources to conduct holiday voting at the last minute. In contrast, rural, less populous counties would be much less likely to be able to implement the additional day of voting, especially with short notice.

This wager appears to be paying off thus far. Major counties that massively supported Warnock in the midterm election on November 8 have unanimously supported an additional day of runoff voting. Few conservative counties, comprising a far smaller portion of the state’s population, have followed suit.

The bottom line: Elias is grabbing a bonus day of voting that Democratic counties are disproportionately taking advantage of. Partisan tactics like this one are nothing new for the former top lawyer of Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.”

In the past, such activities has indicated the objective of the instigators. Snead continues:

“After 2020, Elias tried to overturn election results in two U.S. House races lost by Democrats, and this year fought mightily to keep North Carolina’s Green Party off the ballot in order to deny progressive Tar Heel voters an alternative to voting Democratic.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Now, Elias has brought his partisan antics to Georgia. Before filing suit he helped concoct an absurd narrative that a defunct holiday that once celebrated Robert E. Lee justified rewriting the state’s laws for partisan gain. And he is touting his case on twitter as a victory for voting access, when in truth his motives appear far more cynical–and desperate. CONTINUE READING…

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