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Election Fraud Investigators Threatened With JAIL If They Don’t Rat Out Whistleblower

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The hunt is on for the identity of an FBI whistleblower who assisted a group of concerned citizens in investigating their concerns regarding the 2020 elections, as a judge has ordered two Americans to reveal their sources for a sensational report about who committed fraud against the American people and why.

The court set Monday as the deadline for receiving the names he requested.

True the Vote is the name of the organization, and two of its leaders, who are currently in court, have previously stated that they cannot reveal the identity of an FBI informant engaged. A judge ruled that they had no options.

“Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was arrested earlier this month in Michigan in connection with “theft of personal data.” The alleged stolen data belonged to poll workers and was the subject of TrueTheVote’s “PIT” in Arizona last August, where Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips singled out the company,”, as reported by Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit, who added:

“During the PIT conference, Phillips and Engelbrecht alleged they were cooperating with the FBI in Michigan about data being sent overseas by this company. The investigation quickly started to turn on them after the FBI started to distance itself from the investigation.

The theft of data only impacted the election workers, alleges Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. The LADA seized hard drives and other digital evidence from the Michigan software firm with the assistance of Meridian Township Police in MI. The LADA is seeking Yu’s extradition to Los Angeles.”

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt asked that the conservative non-profit divulge its sources for the case-critical material on sensitive poll worker data held by Konnech, Inc.

After Konnech sued True the Vote for defamation last month, Hoyt ordered True the Vote to give over any remaining Konnech material and reveal the identity of the individual who assisted them in obtaining it.

“Gregg and Catherine have refused to “burn” their source for the Konnech reporting,” Hoft reported.

A federal judge warned Thursday that leaders of the election-monitoring organization True the Vote have until Monday morning to identify a man with knowledge of the download of personal information of 1.8 million U.S. poll workers from a software company’s server, or they will be detained for contempt.

True the Vote, its creator Catherine Engelbrecht, and contractor and former board member Gregg Phillips are prominent proponents of the conspiracy theory that voter fraud lost Donald Trump the presidential election in 2020.

In a contempt hearing on Thursday, with U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt threatening them with fines and arrest, they testified that they worked as confidential informants for the FBI from 2021 to May of this year, assisting with an investigation of Konnech Inc., a Michigan company that sells software to manage election equipment and poll workers.

The hearing focussed on a 2021 meeting held in a Dallas hotel room.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Phillips testified a friend of his named Mike Hasson summoned him to the hotel and after they rolled up towels and placed them under the door, Hasson plugged his laptop into a TV and showed him data Konnech maintained for U.S. poll workers —including Social Security numbers, phone numbers, email addresses and banking information — that Hasson said he had obtained by accessing a password-protected server in China.

According to a defamation and computer fraud lawsuit Konnech filed on Sept. 12 in Houston federal court, its Chinese-American CEO and founder Eugene Yu and his family had to leave their home due to threats from True the Vote supporters after Phillips and Engelbrecht spread lies at events and on podcasts the company is a vehicle of the Chinese Community Party to manipulate U.S. elections. CONTINUE READING…

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