Elizabeth Warren “Shot Down” On Live TV Over A Dem-Worshiping Statement

She stated that”The Dems would hold the power in their hands for a long time.”

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts appeared on CBS’ show, “Mornings,” on Tuesday. Warren had no idea that being interviewed by Gayle King, Tony Dokoupil and Nate Burleson — all sympathetic to the liberal cause — would veer away from the standard softball interview. Why would she? The “I’m OK, you’re OK,” pattern is par for the course for liberals. Just another day with the media mob. They want it like that.

In reality, though, is what it is.

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“President Biden’s running for re-election,” Warren answered. “I expect to support him.”

Nothing new here. You have to give credit to Democratic Presidents without question!

But, something in her statement didn’t quite sound and feel right.

Warren “expects” to support Biden?

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Whatever could that mean? In this slight hesitation, this sliver of doubt, reality finds its way into the room like smoke under a door.