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Elon Musk Declares He’s Not Suicidal As He Begins Exposing The Left With Another Bombshell

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Elon Musk, who paid $ 44 billion to take over Twitter in October, told listeners on an episode of Twitter Spaces that he has faced a heightened danger to his personal safety due of his actions at the company. According to him, he had been urged by security professionals to take safeguards, but he did not specify what those measures were.

In the first week of November, following his official takeover, he laid off around half of the staff. This led in 3,700 workers being laid off.

Just twenty-four hours after releasing internal papers regarding Twitter’s censoring of Hunter Biden’s laptop tale, the Twitter CEO was questioned about his safety on Twitter Spaces.

“I’m not suicidal,” Musk declared during another interview discussing potential retaliation for his “Twitter files” leaks.

Kim Dotcom, software expert and creator of Megaupload, asked Musk out of the blue during a discussion whether he had suicidal thoughts, stunning other participants.

Musk, 51, responded to the question ‘I do not have any suicidal thoughts. If I committed suicide, it’s not real.’

“Members of staff discovered that they were fired after being logged out of their work around during the sweeping layoffs, according to the Daily Mail.

Musk said: ‘Frankly, the risk of something bad happening or literally even being shot is quite significant.

‘I’m definitely not going to be doing any open-air car parades, let me put it that way. It’s not that hard to kill me if somebody wanted to, so hopefully they don’t.

‘Maybe I should be more worried than I am, but I think generally, if you do right by the people, you have the people on your side.’

Musk has previously alluded to threats on his life in cryptic tweets. After a dispute with a high-ranking Russian official about his pledge to provide Starlink satellite broadband to Ukraine, he just tweeted a bizarre tweet. Musk’s comments suggest he may fear he is being targeted, however it is unclear whether he is actually in danger.

He posted: ‘If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin yah’.

“During the bizarre exchange Musk also indicated that there are ‘more smoking guns’ regarding censorship under Twitter’s past leadership. This is a huge problem for the social media company who has been struggling to regain user trust after a series of data breaches and privacy scandals,” The Mail report continued.

He hinted that there would be more releases in the near future – similar to that of the information published around Hunter Biden and the supposed cover up by Twitter. This caused many people to speculate what other information he could be referring to and what other bombshells he could drop.

Musk continued by saying that they will be putting all the information out there in order to have a clean slate. He believes that by doing this, they will be able to improve iteratively and that other media companies will be forced to do the same or they will lose their readership.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

In a series of tweets, he published emails from Twitter executives involved in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story. Twitter appears to have actively worked to suppress the story and protect the Biden campaign, according to the emails. CONTINUE READING…

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