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Elon Musk locks ALL offices as 50% of staff prepare for 9am email that will decide their fate

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Twitter, a large social media presence on the internet, is undergoing cultural shifts, and the left is not handling it well as they observe their heroes getting dismissed after years of absolute dominance of the site’s content.

Following his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, new owner Elon Musk is expected to lay off 3,700 employees globally.

At 9 a.m. PST, employees of the social media behemoth will learn their destiny, as the media reports that Musk would lay off almost half of his workers.

The jokes on the left have only just begun, and there is little compassion for the radicals who will receive “pink slips.”

Those at the San Francisco office are awaiting an email with the subject line “Your Role at Twitter” by 9 a.m. today, while those in the New York office will learn their destinies at 12 p.m.

“Staff in London and Manchester will receive the news in the same way, by 4pm local time in the UK, with many finding themselves locked out of their accounts when they woke up. Members of staff have reported being logged out of their work accounts and locked out of laptops while the company sealed offices for all of its employees, as Elon Musk began to make sweeping layoffs on Friday,” the Daily Mail reported, adding:

“Sacked workers are suing Musk for not giving enough notice of the mass job cuts, with some posting sentimental messages to the platform after being told they were to be unemployed.

Offices in the UK and US have been shut down for the day by Musk, who warned employees that their buildings would be locked and all staff badge access will be suspended in order ‘to help ensure the safety of each employee as well as Twitter systems and customer data.”

As part of his strategy to reduce costs at the firm, the world’s richest man sent an internal email announcing the layoffs, as staff used internal channels to say farewell.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that a class-action complaint filed in federal court in San Francisco alleges that the company’s practice of laying off employees without sufficient notice violates federal and California law.

As the layoffs began, terminated Twitter workers blogged under the hashtag #OneTeam about their final hours at the firm, expressing a mixture of anger, grief, and appreciation for their time there.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Simon Balmain, whose Twitter profile said he was a ‘former Senior Community Manager’ at the company, wrote: ‘Looks like I’m unemployed y’all. Just got remotely logged out of my work laptop and removed from Slack. #OneTeam forever. Loved you all so much. So sad it had to end this way.’ CONTINUE READING…

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