Elon Musk Shares Dark Secret

Since before many of us were born, the left has been spouting global warming, cooling, climate change, and end-of-the-world stuff.

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Al Gore tried to convince everyone about the earth overheating in his book An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming.

Democrat politicians are always signing the U.S. up for agreements that put us at a competitive disadvantage with other nations, some of which are our enemies such as Communist China.

They get children to do their bidding, brainwashing them into thinking they only have a few years left to live.

It’s a pretty good racket, for them.

But there’s another side.

Observers of economics have long understood that free lunches do not exist, and perhaps it’s time that electric-car enthusiasts did too.

Even when it comes to something as simple as their tires, leftists praise Teslas and other electric cars as cure-alls for fossil fuels’ ills – but ignore the devastating environmental damage these vehicles create.

Forbes contributor Brad Templeton told a story about his electric car eating through expensive tires at breakneck speed.

Even after lauding the many advantages, electric vehicles have over traditional internal combustion engines, Templeton acknowledged that the need for replacement tires at short intervals is an unfortunate drawback.

“The doozy was needing new tires at around 28,000 miles,” Temple writes in “Electric Vehicle Maintenance Is Super-Cheap, But The Dark Secret Is Tires” from last month.

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“That was too early, far before their rated life.”

“One reason for this was a stupid mistake on my part. In the past, I’ve taken my gasoline cars in for regular service, and they were rotating my tires as needed during this service. Not taking my EV in for service, I never got the rotation done. That not only meant the drive tires of my car wore out faster, it also meant I could not make a warranty claim on them. Lesson learned.”

There is more to the cost than that. EV tires do cost more than tires of similar cars, and may wear out faster than expected…

EVs do incur costs for what is more classed as repair than maintenance. There have been reports of many Tesla 12v batteries failing, though mostly under warranty. Parts for expensive cars are always expensive, if you chip a windshield or whack a mirror or get a car burglary.

He acknowledges that it may have been his fault for failing to rotate the tires properly, but he maintains that his electric vehicle’s extra weight combined with the need for high-efficiency, low-noise tires meant an expensive purchase was always right around the corner.

Aside from this issue, he describes the benefits of owning an electric vehicle as a world of no-guilt driving.

Like Pete Buttigieg, who suggested ordinary Americans should buy electric cars to avoid high gas prices while ignoring the $56,000 price that so far has proven to be the beginning of a money pit.

Nevertheless, it seems as though the tradeoff of electric vehicles – fewer environmental impacts for a heftier price tag – is even having the opposite effect in light of this revelation.

Replace the treads regularly will have an impact on the environment, both due to the fossil fuels that must be used to make them and because wear and tear contributes more harmful microplastics to the environment.

Considering that modern tires include petroleum-based plastics, an article in National Geographic reports that a car tire takes between 7 gallons of oil to make, and a truck tire takes 22 gallons.

Furthermore, emerging research indicates that tiny bits of plastic shed from tires and other household and industrial products are likely to become the next environmental crisis, contaminating water and wildlife.

A study conducted by John Weinstein, a professor of physiology at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, found that microplastics get embedded in shrimp gills and guts, leading to devastating outcomes.

“It doesn’t die immediately,” Weinstein remarked. “There are these chronic long-term effects that really haven’t been studied,” he said, suggesting that they could pose a threat to the food supply and perhaps even cause health problems.

As it turns out, this is just one of many hidden facts about electric vehicles that have been revealed.

We now realize that the pollution emitted from mining and disposing of the lithium batteries required for these vehicles is a greater concern than the original problem the batteries were supposed to solve.

“Somehow, one of these is frowned upon (tar sands), but the other three- cobalt, nickel and lithium mines (necessary for EV batteries) are “green?” Author Patrick De Haan wrote of the deadly bargain greenies have made with batteries made from land-scarred processes.

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Modernity is characterized by the use of other innovative technologies to replace existing ones, as it aims to make the world a cleaner place.

It is important to examine and weigh the drawbacks of this technology before consumers and governments fully commit to electric vehicles.

While advocating electric cars as the better option for the environment, it’s important to recognize that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and the environmental costs are rising faster than ever before.