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Elon Musk Tells Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer to ‘Make Amends for Attempt to Corrupt a Presidential Election’

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has accused Hillary Clinton’s attorney of seeking to “corrupt a presidential election.”

Musk criticized attorney Michael Sussmann and his legal firm Perkins Coie, who both represented Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign.

Perkins Coie and Susmann played crucial roles in propagating the Russia Hoax.

Musk stated in a tweet that Perkins Coie and Susmann must “make amends” for their behavior.

He was replying to a comment made by filmmaker Amanda Milius, who stated, “There’s a lot more to full transparency just re Russiagate than getting rid of Baker but it’s a big step.

“See vids & you’ll understand why it’s not being posted by Kash on Twitter.

“If Perkins Coie is @elonmusk Twitter’s outside counsel this isn’t remotely enough.”

Musk replied, saying: “Twitter isn’t using Perkins Coie.

“No company should use them until they make amends for Sussman’s attempt to corrupt a Presidential election.”

According to Breitbart, Sussmann, who worked at Perkins Coie at the time, provided the FBI with information purporting to demonstrate a connection between Trump and Russia via Alfa Bank.

“The link was false.”

Sussmann was tried earlier this year for lying to the FBI when he provided agents with false information.

According to a May 31 CNBC report:

“In closing arguments Friday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Algor told jurors that Sussmann ‘used his privilege as a high-powered Washington lawyer, as a former DOJ prosecutor, and as a friend … to bypass normal channels and to expedite a meeting with the FBI’s [now former] general counsel,’ James Baker.

“Sussmann, a cybersecurity attorney, furnished Baker with cryptic internet data showing a probable communications link between computer systems belonging to the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, the largest commercial bank in Russia.

“The FBI later determined Sussmann’s concerns were unfounded.”

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