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Elon Musk to Break Ground on Massive ‘Project Amazing’ in Texas – His Employees Will Love This

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Texas, meet Elon Musk.

You are both great thinkers, fast to get things done, and both in your own way bold. And based on how you Texans evaluate individuals, it is quite improbable that Elon Musk is all talk and no action.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Musk is developing a town, and even a city, for his Austin-area employees.

In recent years, Musk relocated significant elements of his Tesla, SpaceX, and Boring Company operations from California to Texas.

Current Musk Texas landholding information acquired by The Journal are unclear, but it appears he controls up to 6,000 acres via limited liability businesses affiliated with him and his allies.

At least 3,500 acres were purportedly acquired by Musk-affiliated organizations, and this estimate appears to be definite. Around 200 acres in Bastrop County, southeast of Austin, are now designated for a New home development called Snailbrook.

The Journal added that this moniker relates to the mascot of one of Musk’s enterprises, the Boring Company, which was so called because Musk wanted his employees to construct a tunnel-boring machine that could move quicker than a snail.

In a county application, the 110-home planned neighborhood is referred to as “Project Amazing,” and streets have alliterative names such as “Boring Boulevard,” “Cutterhead Crossing,” “Waterjet Way,” and “Porpoise Place.”

Then there is the Tesla “Giga” factory, a 10-million-square-foot facility being constructed in Travis County near Austin. SpaceX and Boring are constructing warehouses close to the projected home complex.

A year ago, an internal corporate advertising stated that workers of Boring would be able to rent two- or three-bedroom houses for as cheap as $800 per month, a significant reduction from the $2,200 monthly area median rent.

Already on-site are modular homes, a gym, and outdoor sports facilities, as well as signage proclaiming “welcome, snailbrook, tx, est. 2021.”

Musk is one of the most renowned persons who have departed California in the past several years. Musk told The Journal in late 2021 that “overregulation, overlitigation, and overtaxation” prompted Boring and Tesla to relocate to Texas from California.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Musk is reportedly living with a friend in Austin until his planned Texas residential compound is built.

Testing the waters in 2020 regarding a Texas move, Musk sought assurances from Steve Adler, the former Austin mayor, that Musk could do business with minimal government interference. CONTINUE READING…

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