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Elon Musk To Fire Half Of Twitter On Friday

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Elon Musk, the new owner of the social media behemoth Twitter, must impose enough changes in his first week as CEO to drive the left utterly insane, but what he plans to do next will astound them if he really executes it.

Musk, renowned for his nearly superhuman work ethic, has been teasing remarks about what he expects from his new staff, and it is likely something that the small radical lefties have never accepted before: WORKING.

“Taking a page out of Thanos’ playbook (or is that Zorg), in two days Elon Musk will finally do what he has repeatedly warned he would do: unleash mass layoffs at the company he just acquired,” ZeroHedge reported, adding:

Bloomberg reports that the world’s wealthiest man would remove 3,700 jobs at Twitter, or approximately half of the company’s employment, in an effort to reduce expenses following his $44 billion acquisition; Musk will notify impacted employees on Friday, according to Bloomberg sources. Oh, and those masked snowflakes who protested the previous management’s “draconian” demand to return to the workplace, you’re also out of luck: Musk plans to change the company’s current work-from-anywhere philosophy, requiring the few remaining employees to return to the office.

Musk and a team of advisors are reportedly examining a variety of alternatives for job cutbacks and other policy changes at San Francisco-based Twitter, according to the sources, who added that the specifics of the headcount reduction are still subject to change. In one scenario under consideration, laid-off employees will receive 60 days of severance compensation, according to two sources.

With the “liberal and tolerant” left putting Musk under financial pressure to deplatform, and numerous woke advertisers under pressure from loud ultra-left radicals to abandon Twitter until it is totally MSNBC’ed…

Musk stated that advertisers should support the following.

“… which will leave advertisers showing their ads to a handful of socialist-preapproved media outlets catering to those whose entire income comes from the government, who pay zero taxes, and can’t really afford to buy anything, Musk is under pressure to find ways to slash costs of a business for which he overpaid, “the outlet reported.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

To be sure, the mass exodus won’t come as a surprise: Twitter employees have been bracing for layoffs ever since Musk took over last Thursday and fired the top executive team, including CEO Parag Agrawal and top censor, Vijaya Gadde. Over the weekend, a few employees with director and vice president jobs were cut, while other leaders were asked to make lists of employees on their teams who can be cut, Bloomberg reported, adding that senior personnel on the product teams were asked to target a 50% reduction in headcount. Engineers and director-level staff from Tesla reviewed the lists. CONTINUE READING…

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