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Epstein Associate Confronted by Hannity in Big Way

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Alan Dershowitz, an attorney and emeritus professor at Harvard Law School, defended his association with the deceased child sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein on Wednesday while being questioned by Sean Hannity of Fox News.

Even years after his demise in a New York prison cell, Epstein’s legacy continues to dominate news cycles.

By the order of a federal magistrate in New York, a list of over a hundred individuals formerly affiliated with Epstein who boarded his private jet was disclosed this week. The order was issued in connection with a legal matter concerning Ghislaine Maxwell, who was at times Epstein’s business partner and lover.

On the list was Dershowitz, a frequent guest on primetime cable news.

The attorney and legal expert stated on Wednesday’s “Hannity” that his name was on the list for a valid reason when the host directly questioned him about his close relationship with Epstein.

“Professor, you are mentioned in this document,” Hannity noted. “You are mentioned repeatedly and very specifically.”

Hannity stated, “The allegation against you was that Epsetin forced then-minor Jane Doe #3 to have sexual relations with you and also that you were an eye witness to sexual abuse by other minors by Epstein.”

“You have been out there vigorously defending your name, your honor, and denying these allegations fiercely,” he continued.

Dershowitz was then requested to respond to the documents by Hannity.

CNN reported that Dershowitz recalled that one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Giuffre, who has since stated she may have erroneously recalled him, had previously accused him of sex offenses.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

He then said that additional documents, if they are released, will prove that he never met her but that he also has evidence to disprove any claims he was involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking business.

“I was Epstein’s lawyer, of course I flew on his plane,” Dershowitz said. CONTINUE READING…

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