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Eric Trump Goes Scorched Earth Outside Court After Forced Testimony

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Former First Son Eric Trump unleashed an enraged tirade outside of the fraud trial of former President Donald Trump following the conclusion of his testimony, criticizing New York Attorney General Letitia James and labeling them “murderers” and “potholes.”

James filed the fraud indictment against Trump, which was presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron, who recently ruled that former First Daughter Ivanka Trump must appear in person for testimony. Judge Engoron was not in attendance at Trump’s trial. However, former co-First Sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump also issued statements this week.

After delivering his testimony, Eric Trump addressed the press outside the courtroom, reiterating his renowned list of grievances.

However, a few minutes later, Eric Trump said more of the remarks he had made earlier at the foot of the courthouse steps:

Yeah, well, guys, it was a great day. But what the state is trying to do with my father is absolutely insane! We have one of the greatest companies anywhere in the world. We employ thousands of New Yorkers. These people, they make their living relying on us! They feed their families, relying on us! We’ve never missed a note. We’ve never missed a payment. We’ve never defaulted on a loan. We’ve got some of the greatest properties in the world.

And because you have an attorney general that play politics with everything, you’ve seen that time and time again. She effectively when after the last governor and threw him out of office, because you want to run that you got 2% in the polls. All of you saw that. She’s come after my father ruthlessly.

Every single day a trump is in this court. Guess what? She shows up. Why? Because it’s her press moment. That’s what she does. This is the type of person that’s running New York State.

At the same time, you have people getting shot in the streets. You had a little kid that got shot in the head in Times Square recently. You had people getting thrown in front of trains, in stations! The city is going to hell, guys. And I hate to say that I’m a person who left the city because it’s going down the tubes and it breaks my heart because there’s no place I love more in the world.

She should be an advocate for businesses that pay a lot of taxes and do great things and meet their commitments and pay off their debts! She should be an advocate, that she should also go out and fight for the little guys as opposed to trying to be an advocate of Deutsche Bank who literally loves us, who said we have done absolutely nothing wrong and we were great lenders and we’ve made them hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, and every project that we’ve ever done with them has been a massive success.

But she’s using a broken system. She’s using a rigged system. And it’s very, very sad. And I know the truth will come out in the end. We haven’t done a single thing wrong. They’re trying to disqualify my father for 2024. He’s leading in all the polls. And it’s sad that this is the United States of America. And right now, make no mistake about it, maybe through your very lenses, the entire world is watching this and they’re laughing about what’s going on. The entire state of Florida right now, when they value a property like Mar-a-Lago and $18 million is laughing, is laughing at New York State and laughing at New York state attorney general and laughing at, quite frankly, a court system. Guys, we deserve better than this. Let’s get the murderers off the street. Let’s take care of the crime. Let’s rebuild our infrastructure. Everywhere you drive in New York, you hit a pothole and your car gets destroyed and they’re going after a guy who employs thousands of people in the state, employed them through COVID. The deepest, darkest times of this state, runs a great organization, literally puts food on the table for thousands of people.

The real estate agent representing Eric Trump granted approval to the Florida agency that furnished the valuation he referenced.

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