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Even a Leftist Site Publishes the Truth About Fani Willis’ Alleged Lover Scandal

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Georgia’s left-leaning, ultra-woke prosecutor who is investigating former President Donald Trump is increasingly being dogged by corruption allegations. However, the corruption has become so blatant that even liberal media outlets are concerned that her involvement in the Trump prosecution is problematic.

A website leaning to the left and popular among liberals emphasized this week that the corruption allegations against Willis cannot be “shrugged off.”

Established in 2008 by Tina Brown, a former editor of prominent liberal publications including Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, The Daily Beast has consistently maintained its position as the preeminent online destination for liberal commentary ever since its inception.

However, notwithstanding its track record of supporting the left, The Daily Beast seems concerned about the troubling conduct of District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County, Georgia.

On Tuesday, it published an article headlined “Why We Can’t Just Shrug Off the Fani Willis Scandal,” that site warned that Willis has engaged in a clear “conflict of interest” that imperils her prosecution of Donald Trump.

That website issued a warning on Tuesday, in an article titled “Why We Can’t Simply Shrug Off the Fani Willis Scandal,” that Willis’s prosecution of Donald Trump is jeopardized by an evident “conflict of interest.”

On Aug. 19, only four days after Willis’ Aug. 15 indictment of Trump and 18 co-defendants, The New York Times published a Fleischman piece criticizing Willis for using Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, writing that it’s “the sort of charging instrument that has typically led to monthslong trials, complicated appeals and exhaustion for the participating lawyers.”

Clearly, he does not consider herself to be her greatest admirer.

Willis has recently faced allegations that she employed Nathan Wade, her alleged partner, to serve as a special prosecutor in the election interference case against Trump, which she had appointed.

Even courthouse rumors regarding her sexual relationship with Wade appear to have been confirmed, as Willis has been subpoenaed in Wade’s divorce proceeding; however, the specific inquiries that Wade’s wife’s attorneys intend to pose remain unknown at this time.

The allegations against Wade surfaced on January 8, when Michael Roman Wade, a co-defendant of Trump, filed a motion requesting that the court file charges against him, contending that the case was “fatally defective.” The motion alleged that Wade was compensated an excessive sum to become a member of Willis’ prosecution team, despite possessing significantly less experience than the other two team members and lacking any qualifications for the position beyond his personal relationship with the district attorney.

Given the accusations directed at her, Willis resorted to using the race card as an excuse to deflect attention from her relationship with Wade, painting it as merely another instance of prejudice. She asserted that the other two members of her team are not being questioned due to their race being Caucasian.

However, The Daily Beast’s article presents a contrasting viewpoint regarding this race card theory.

“The other two special prosecutors are incredibly qualified. For instance, Anna Cross is a former DeKalb County assistant district attorney who handled dozens of felony appeals and argued important motions for Fulton County. John Floyd is widely considered Georgia’s leading expert on state RICO prosecutions and helped draft the law,” Fleischman wrote.

“Combined, they billed $116,000 (less than a quarter of Wade’s total). And according to an agreement obtained by the Daily Caller, Floyd appears to have been paid about $100 less per hour than Wade.”

Indeed, the only other time Nathan Wade was allowed a role as a special prosecutor, he failed at his job by failing “to keep a single note” of his interviews, Fleischman wrote. Wade’s client in that case, Cobb County, Georgia, settled the case, according to Fleischman.

Fleischman further stated that Willis’ actions regarding the case appeared to be premeditated in order to create a circumstance “requiring” Wade’s assistance so that she could provide lucrative payouts to her partner.

“Willis made choices throughout her prosecution that seem, in hindsight, calculated to require him,” Fleischman wrote.

In the end, the article stated that Willis would likely be disqualified from the case against Trump if Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott F. McAfee, who is investigating her actions, concludes that she had an unprofessional relationship with Wade.

Although this does not inherently result in the automatic dismissal of the case, it does provide Team Trump with numerous grounds to petition for its dismissal on the grounds of prosecutorial malfeasance.

Regardless, Willis’s misconduct is undeniable, as even the Daily Beast, a publication leaning to the left, admits.

Additionally, the article may indicate that liberals are already determining whom to hold accountable when the entire case against Trump in Georgia implodes and dissolves due to their own corruption.

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