Even CNN Poll Delivers Devastating News About What Americans Really Think of Joe Biden

The majority of Americans viewed Joe Biden’s job performance as a “failure,” according to a CNN poll.

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Even the left-wing networks cannot defend Biden as polls unequivocally confirm Americans disapprove of Biden.

“Nearly 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of how Joe Biden is handling his presidency, with most of that group saying there’s literally nothing Biden has done since taking office that they approve of,” CNN reported.

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This survey was taken between January 10 and February 6, 2022. It shows 58 percent disapproving of Biden’s job performance.

Biden’s approval has sunk dramatically throughout 2021 and into 2022.

CNN argued, “Some of the shift in Biden’s numbers comes from a change in Americans’ partisan tilt: Republicans and Democrats were about at parity in the new poll, with fewer identifying as Democrats than in other recent CNN polling.”

Other recent polls show Biden’s approval rating as low as 33 percent. This approval rating is worst than the lowest rating ever received by President Donald Trump, according to Gallup.

Even 35 active-duty Navy SEALs have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over the vaccine mandate which does not provide exemptions for health or religious reasons.

Inflation continues to soar at record rates. Gas was $1.87 a gallon when President Trump was in office, but now the national average has gone through the roof.

Gas prices skyrocketed as Biden stopped the XL Keystone pipeline, stopped the flow of existing pipelines, and prevented drilling on federal lands.

Election integrity measures by Republicans remain intact. The 60-vote filibuster threshold is surviving in the Senate.

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Biden opened the flood gates at the southern border, creating an instant crisis. Trump oversaw the lowest number of illegal crossings along the southern U.S. border in over 40 years. Under Biden, the U.S. has suffered the highest number of illegal border crossings in over 60 years.

To top everything off, the Supreme Court has officially blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate on private employers. Biden was finally dealt his biggest defeat as the U. S. Supreme Court rightfully shot down his unwise, unsafe, and unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

Biden was attempting to force about 100 million Americans to receive the drug. If Americans rejected the drug injection, they would face the dire consequence of losing their employment and means of living.

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Biden’s mandate also failed to give individuals exemptions for health or religious reasons. The Court ultimately ruled that the Biden administration doesn’t have the authority to impose such a mandate.

The federal government may “set workplace safety standards, not broad public health measures,” the Court ruled.