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Ex-Obama Official Did NOT Die from Turbulence

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According to a study released last week, the abnormal in-flight movements of a business jet that led to the death of a former Obama and Clinton administration official earlier this month were not caused by turbulence, as prior accounts had claimed.

Fox Business News reports that Dana Hyde, 55, died on March 3 after being gravely injured while traveling from Keene, New Hampshire to Leesburg, Virginia.

Initially, the National Transportation Safety Board indicated that the aircraft experienced turbulence during flight. Nevertheless, investigations found on Friday that the pilots lost control of the aircraft after turning off a stabilization mechanism.

Fox Business said that according to the NTSB’s investigation, the pilots were attempting to resolve multiple warnings when, following a checklist of instructions, they switched off a valve that “trims” or adjusts the stabilizer on the tail of the Bombardier plane.

According to The Associated Press, this action led the jet to ascend with a force almost four times that of gravity.

The plane then descended slightly and climbed again until pilots recovered control, according to the AP.

Fox stated that the plane was subsequently redirected to Bradley International Airport in Connecticut. The following day, Hyde was pronounced dead at a hospital in Hartford.

Pilots told investigators there was no turbulence on the flight.

According to Fox Business, the Federal Aviation Administration previously issued a warning about trim issues with the same model of Bombardier airplane and encouraged pilots to take safeguards by undertaking additional preflight safety steps.

Bombardier, a Canadian maker of business jets, sent sympathies to the family of Hyde and pledged to examine the situation.

“Bombardier is deeply saddened by this tragic event,” the company told Fox. “We extend our sincerest sympathies to all those affected by this accident.”

The corporation has stated to the AP that it stands by the safety of its planes.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Passengers aboard the plane at the time of the incident included Hyde, her husband and their son, and the two pilots. No one but Hyde was injured.

The family had been on a trip to visit New England schools, according to The Washington Post. CONTINUE READING…

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