Ex-Obama Official Sends Warning To Joe Biden

Barack Obama was never anything more than political theater and hype, to be honest, and he rose to power when a considerable majority of Americans simply did not care enough about their liberty and freedom to pay attention to the dangers of the Marxist Community Organizer in such a great position of power and authority.

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And Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, would become just as big of a nightmare for us.

Obama is a pure product of the leftist indoctrination that is now tearing our country apart at every institutional level, from hospitals to the school board, to business boardrooms and in entertainment.

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The left’s skills at messaging, branding and PR are epic.

The lapdog media fawned over Obama and his industry and his advertising partners- because it made them feel good like they were the majority, and they felt popular and loved- but Obama was a disaster for the United States of America, and we may not ever recover from the damage he and his administration to the country- and frankly to the world.

The administration was pure bread and circuses and feel-good propaganda, and it worked perfectly to deceive the American people.

Rarely, someone who worked on the inside to deceive Americans about Obama comes clean about what was really going on during those eight nightmarish years of the Obama presidency. But, one brave soul is starting to fess about the kabuki theater of the Democrats and how they created this chaotic environment in which we now dwell.

Brett Bruen is coming clean, in a way.

Perhaps it is because he doesn’t want to be professionally tied to the clown show he packaged for America as ‘thoughtful diplomats and statesmen’ because neither Biden nor Obama are anything close to the image of these two that has been deceitfully force-fed to half-asleep American voters.

And now that many of them are awake- they are highly frustrated. And now they are going to find out, that they were purposefully used, and that the Biden-Obama show happened because those two players are loose cannons and apparently didn’t keep to the script once they got into power.

Let’s be honest, all PR agents know that popularity is a powerful elixir for egomania- which is impossible to keep under control.

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So-Bruen is telling all, according to a Daily Mail report:

“Former Obama official Brett Bruen wrote in an op-ed this week that President Biden’s ‘reckless riffs’ and foreign policy gaffes are veering into dangerous territory.

The former Director of Global Engagement said that the president bears the ‘lion share of the blame’ for all too often sending the White House into crisis mode when he opens his mouth on foreign policy, but also blamed his National Security staff for being woefully unprepared for the gaffes.

In an op-ed for USA Today entitled, ‘Biden’s careless comments are hurting his presidency and diplomacy. He needs a reset,’ Bruen wrote: ‘I used to cringe when Vice President Joe Biden took to the podium. Despite all the preparation that went into an event and his remarks, as a staffer on the National Security Council, you never quite knew what he might say.’

“At times, his offhanded comments could spice up what otherwise would be a pretty boring policy address. Yet, there were other times, too many times, when it could veer into dangerous terrain,’ Bruen added.

‘The reckless riffs have continued during his presidency, especially when discussing diplomacy,’ Bruen wrote.

‘How does such careless careening into crisis territory keep happening?’ he asked. ‘Biden bears the lion share of blame for his ill-considered improvisation.’

Bruen said the Biden National Security team should better prepare the president for ‘obvious questions’ because ‘They are all too aware that he has this troublesome tendency to go off script.’

Bruen chastised Biden for admitting the ‘inevitability’ that Kabul would fall to the Taliban after the U.S. military’s withdrawal.

On July 8, 2021, Biden told reporters at the White House that the Afghan army was better equipped and more numerous than the Taliban. A Kabul takeover was ‘not inevitable’ and he scoffed at the idea that it would prove to be his fall of Saigon moment.

But by Aug. 19, his tone had changed: ‘The idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens.’

Bruen also went after Biden for seeming to ‘give Russian President Vladimir Putin a tacit green light to take at least some Ukrainian territory’ by proclaiming in March that Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power.’

The White House did a frantic clean-up, and months later Biden wrote in a New York Times op-ed he would not try to remove Putin from power. ‘As much as I disagree with Mr. Putin, and find his actions an outrage, the United States will not try to bring about his ouster in Moscow.’

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Bruen noted that aides were also forced to walk back Biden’s remarks after he stated ‘his clear commitment of American forces to the defense of Taiwan, a major departure from our long-standing policy.’

During a trip to Asia last month, Biden aides squirmed in their seats, according to people present, as he was asked whether he would defend the autonomous island of Taiwan if it was invaded by China.

‘Yes,’ Biden replied. ‘That’s the commitment we made.’

In so doing, he went beyond the official American foreign policy of ‘strategic ambiguity’ which helps arm Taiwan and its government but is vague on how far Washington would actually go in protecting its freedom.