Fauci Blindsided By New Evidence

Due to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s bias toward vaccines, Sen. Rand Paul blamed him for the high rate of Coronavirus deaths.

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“I would venture to say that thousands of people die in our country every month now from COVID because [Fauci’s] deemphasized the idea that there are therapeutics,” said the Senator in an interview on his father’s show, Liberty Report.

According to Paul, Fauci has held a “bias” towards vaccines ever since his work on AIDS.

“I think Fauci is of the philosophy that vaccines are incredibly successful and are the way to go versus therapeutics, for example. So with regard to AIDS, he was involved as the AIDS epidemic came up, he wanted to develop a vaccine,” Paul told his father.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. He wanted to develop a vaccine. Vaccines can be great for polio or smallpox or wonderful. It didn’t actually work for AIDS.”

Paul previously stated that monoclonal antibodies “are one of the most promising treatments for the virus” after infection, but that misinformation on the antibody treatment plagues “government bureaucrats.”

“Recent data showed that monoclonal antibody treatment cuts the risk of death and hospitalization by 70% in high-risk patients and reduces the chance of infection among a household by 80%,” Paul penned in a September opinion piece. “Monoclonal antibodies have only just begun to be mentioned by the mainstream media, and misinformation still plagues government bureaucrats when discussing this scientifically-backed treatment.”

Previously, Fauci noted that monoclonal antibodies are a “much-underutilized intervention” for COVID-19, but such therapies are often overshadowed by his focus on vaccines.

Earlier this week, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert proposed requiring vaccines for domestic flights in order to increase the number of vaccinated Americans.

“That’s another incentive to get more people vaccinated,” he said while appearing on MSNBC. “If you want to do that with domestic flights, I think that’s something that seriously should be considered.”

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It has been a long-running disagreement between Paul and Fauci over the management of the pandemic, and Paul charged Fauci with lying about the effectiveness of natural immunity because it “foils his plans to get everybody possible vaccinated.”

“The reason he [Fauci] won’t bring up natural immunity is because it foils his plans to get everybody possible vaccinated. He thinks it might slow down vaccination. And I’m for people getting vaccinated, particularly people at risk, but the thing is, if you ignore naturally acquired immunity then you’re saying we don’t have enough people, you have to force it on younger people,” Paul told FOX Business in October.

This week, Fauci said that removing masks on airplanes isn’t something we should even be thinking about, as hundreds of flights are still canceled around the country due to the spread of the Omicron variant. But this isn’t the worst of what he’s planning

He made the comment while answering Jonathan Karl’s question about mandating vaccinations for domestic air travel on ABC’s This Week.

‘Our goal is to ensure that people wear their masks. I think the idea of taking masks off, in my mind, is really not something we should even be considering,’ said Fauci.

Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines’ CEO, testified earlier this month at a Senate panel hearing that masks ‘don’t add much, if anything’ to protect airline passengers from spreading COVID.

‘And of course, the airline CEOs were suggesting that — you know, that we may not — may no longer need a mask. I hear you loud and clearly, you disagree with that on an — on the airplane,’

Dr. Fauci disagreed with the airline executive’s point of view and then suggested introducing a vaccination mandate for domestic and international air travel to increase the percentage of vaccines being rolled out across the country.

Every move Dr. Fauci is making is to destroy this nation from the inside out. He’s single-handedly stripped away more freedom in our nation’s history than ever before.

Fauci added that ‘A vaccine requirement for a person getting on the plane is just another level of getting people to have a mechanism that would spur them to get vaccinated; namely, you can’t get on a plane unless you’re vaccinated, which is just another one of the ways of getting requirements, whatever that might be.’

‘So I mean, anything that could get people more vaccinated would be welcome. But with regard to the spread of virus in the country, I mean, I think if you look at wearing a mask and the filtration on planes, things are reasonably safe,’ he explained.

The number of Americans who have received both doses of the COVID vaccine is 204,740,321.

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In the month of December, 62,211,823 Americans received a booster shot or 30.4 percent of the total population.

In last week’s ABC program, Fauci expressed his skepticism that air travel won’t require masks in the future.

‘I think when you’re dealing with a closed space, even though the filtration is good that you want to go that extra step,’ he said. ‘When you have people, you know you get a flight from Washington to San Francisco, it’s a well over a five-hour flight.’

‘Even though you have a good filtration system, I still believe that masks are a prudent thing to do and we should be doing it,’ Fauci stated.