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FBI Agent Drops Bombshell About Biden Transition Team, Secret Service Getting Tipped Off on Hunter Biden Interview Plans

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Did President Joe Biden and his staff know more than they ought to have about the legal troubles of the first son?

This incendiary allegation is at the core of a Fox News report claiming that the Biden transition team and the Secret Service were informed of a “planned interview” with Hunter Biden as part of a federal investigation into him.

The FBI supervisory special agent who provided this testimony also asserts that the alert ultimately prevented the interview from taking place.

If proven true, these revelations would be devastating for Hunter Biden’s father, who is seeking re-election. This is just the latest chapter in the growing political burden that Hunter Biden is becoming for his father.

In recent weeks, there have been two significant developments regarding Hunter’s legal issues.

First, on July 26, Hunter Biden’s court appearance was particularly catastrophic.

What many critics derided as a “sweetheart” plea bargain, Hunter and his legal team saw crumble due to confusion over whether the first son would receive universal immunity from future investigations (he did not).

The agreement fell apart when Hunter’s legal team realized that universal immunity would not be included.

Otherwise, Hunter Biden would have received probation for pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax offenses. A felony firearms allegation would have been ultimately expunged if certain conditions, such as sobriety, were met.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss as special counsel on Friday, refocusing the nation’s attention on the Hunter Biden investigation.

The action has been primarily criticized by Biden’s most ardent detractors, including former President Donald Trump.

These critics believe that Weiss’ appointment will effectively serve as a “get out of jail free” card for the president’s eldest son, which is where this alarming Fox report factors in.

According to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, this alleged report (which, once again, is alleged to have led to the cancellation of an interview) occurred under Weiss’ purview.

“During U.S. Attorney Weiss’ investigation, the Biden transition team was TIPPED OFF about the planned Hunter Biden interview,” the excoriating X post from the Oversight Committee read. “The IRS & FBI team were told to stand down and WAIT FOR HUNTER TO CALL before they could interview him.

“That call that never came, and they never interviewed Hunter Biden.”

In contrast, some, such as CNN, believe that Weiss’s appointment at least signifies that this Hunter Biden investigation will continue, which is hardly a selling point for a re-election campaign.

Regardless, this is not the only issue affecting the Biden men.

Both Hunter and Joe have been accused of accepting favors and selling access to the vice president or president Biden’s office.

Some, such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, believe that impeachment is insufficient if the bribery allegations prove to be true. Cruz believes that both Bidens should be imprisoned if these allegations of extortion prove to be true.

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