FBI Director Caught Red Handed By Internal Audit

Representative Andy Biggs, R-Arizona, argues the Democrats have a vested interest in uncovering information regarding the FBI’s involvement in investigations of government officials, political candidates, religious organizations, and the media.

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As part of its internal audit, the FBI found 747 “compliance errors” across 353 different cases of “sensitive investigative matters,” and acknowledged that these findings are “unacceptable”. A highly redacted version of this audit was made public earlier this month.

The FBI has been under increased scrutiny in recent years following allegations that its investigations into former President Donald Trump were politicized, but Biggs, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, said the problems are broader and likely extend beyond the report.

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“It possibly includes information about the surveillance of candidate Trump and later President Trump. But this is almost 750 compliance problems in 350 cases,” Biggs informed Fox News. “The next step is to call on the committee to have a hearing on this. If I was in the majority, I would want to get to the bottom of this. I suspect this conduct goes back for multiple administrations and has been an ongoing problem affecting members of both parties.”

A letter signed by Biggs, along with the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., was sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray on March 21, asking for an unredacted copy of the audit report as well as documents related to or relating to the audit, an explanation of whether the FBI resolved the concerns, and a description of how the FBI planned to investigate politicians, religious groups, and others named in the audit.

According to Biggs, he has not received a response to his letter of inquiry as of Thursday.

In the event that the Democratic-controlled House does not conduct an investigation or refuses to compel the federal government to produce documents and testimony, then a new Republican majority will be poised to conduct an investigation and hold hearings in 2023.

“We can’t let this go. It’s an important issue. We’ve got to get to the bottom of it,” Biggs stated. “The Judiciary Committee will have oversight in the next session of Congress.”

A spokesperson for the FBI confirmed that it received the letter from the GOP House members, but declined to comment on whether it would reply.

“The FBI takes compliance very seriously, especially when it comes to sensitive investigative matters, which is why, in 2019, we conducted an internal audit of those matters,” the agency’s spokesperson told Fox News via email. “While the number of deviations from FBI approval, notification and administrative requirements noted in the report is unacceptable, we began implementing important changes in training and raising awareness even prior to issuance of the report, and we remain committed to ensuring all personnel adhere to our internal investigative and operational guidelines.”

The audit claims officials violated FBI policies when they failed to seek approval from supervisors and attorneys before initiating a sensitive investigation and didn’t notify the appropriate U.S. Attorney’s Office within a month of starting the investigations, as mandated.

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It was the Washington Times that broke the story about the 45-page audit that showed the 747 “compliance errors” that happened over a relatively short period of time between Jan. 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019.

Though the audit does not identify the individuals or groups investigated by the FBI, it says 191 of those cases involve public officials, while dozens of cases relate to religious groups, dozens relate to political organizations, 10 cases are related to candidates, and 11 involve news organizations.

“This internal audit and the staggering number of errors it found suggest a pattern of misconduct and mismanagement within the FBI in failing to uphold internal rules for its most sensitive cases,” says the letter from the House GOP to Wray.

In the letter, the director is reminded that when he appeared before the committee last year, he claimed that the FBI “investigate[s] individuals with proper predication” and that it does not “investigate First Amendment groups … [or] people for speech, association, for assembly [or] for membership in domestic First Amendment groups.”

The letter continues, “However, this internal review — which you never disclosed and which shows fundamental errors with FBI investigations touching on sensitive political and constitutional matters — calls into question the reliability of your statements.”

Former President Trump is hitting back at the agency, among others, by suing them.

Kari Donovan reported for Republic Brief:

Trump filed a massive lawsuit against Democrat Hillary R. Clinton along with others, including, her indicted lawyer, former head of the FBI, a British Spy, and the DNC for ‘crippling’ his 2016 race by ‘weaving a false narrative he was colluding with Russia’.

Over 108 pages, the lawsuit rails against many of Trump’s most high-profile opponents and highlights the dastardly actions against him by well-connected people.

The lawsuit claims that Democrats and government officials committed crimes, from racketeering conspiracy to malicious prosecution, computer fraud and theft of secret internet data.

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Trump’s team filed the lawsuit in Florida court on Thursday seeking punitive damages of 24 Million dollars, from Clinton and her team and allies over their actions during the 2016 campaign that was a massive humiliation for the Democrats and supporters of Clinton.

Trump accused the cabal specifically of conspiring to spread a ‘false narrative’ about ties to Russia, which became the foundation of the massive scandal called Russia Gate.

The suit names former British spy Christopher Steele, Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, ex FBI chief James Comey among others It says ‘even the events of Watergate pale in comparison to their plot.