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FBI Leadership Sabotaged Clinton Foundation Investigations

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The final report from John Durham, the Special Counsel who was forced to admit that the entire system of Government-Law Enforcement and Corporate Media is corrupt as hell, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that it pays to be a well-connected politician in the elite Washington, D.C. circles.

Obviously, Durham is a part of the system that has weaponized the government against the American people in order to secure their personal finances and political agenda.

The world is well aware of this fact, as Americans have been ridiculed for decades for naively believing their civil servants cared more about the welfare of our nation than their own comfortable positions and easy pay.

Now there is a reminder of how much Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have benefited from their “service” to the public.

A report by Zerohedge reminded individuals of the blatant signs of fraud and abuse at the Clinton Foundation, a massive nonprofit scheme:

“Remember the Clinton Foundation? Which took millions in foreign donations when everyone thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 US election, only to see donations plummet by 90% after she lost?” Tyler Durden asked, adding multiple links at their site to past reports.

The outlet went on to cite multiple credible sources that have uncovered investigations regarding the Clinton criminal family.

Techno Fog, an attorney and political commentator, notes in The Reactionary;

The scope of Durham’s responsibilities included FBI investigations “directed” at the Hillary Clinton campaign. It appears that the purpose of this evaluation was to evaluate and compare Clinton’s favorable treatment to Trump’s targeting.

The first investigation was prompted by a tip from a CHS to the FBI that a foreign government was dispatching a person “to contribute to Clinton’s upcoming presidential campaign in order to gain influence with Clinton if she were to win the presidency.” (Which nation?!) A field office of the FBI requested a FISA warrant against the foreign contributor and sent the request to FBI headquarters, which disregarded it for four months out of concern that Clinton was “involved.” According to one FBI agent, HRC was approached with caution due to the possibility that she would become the next president. The FISA was approved on the condition that the FBI provide Clinton with defensive briefings.

The second Clinton investigation involved the same CHS, which reported to the FBI in November 2015 that another foreign government was interested in contributing to the Clinton campaign “in exchange for the protection of [that country’s] interests should Clinton become president.” That CHS would ultimately contribute $2,700 to the Clinton campaign on behalf of a foreign insider, in violation of federal law that prohibits contributions from foreign nationals. The CHS informed their FBI handler that “They [the campaign] were fine with it.” […] certainly, they were aware from the beginning that the contribution was being made on behalf of a foreign interest.

Who was the FBI’s confidential human source that uncovered illicit activity within the Clinton campaign? We have this admission from Patrick Byrne thanks to the excellent work of the talented Fool Nelson, who uncovered his $2,700 contribution.

Somehow, the FBI did not obtain copies of the illegal payment and the CHS’s FBI handlers “could not explain why this apparent illegal contribution was not documented in FBI records.” Instead, the FBI handling agent “told the CHS to stay away from all events relating to Clinton’s campaign.” Later on, the CHS, who had essentially caught a member of the Clinton campaign facilitating illegal contributions, was admonished by the FBI:

“do NOT attend any more campaign events, set up meetings, or anything else relating to [Clinton’s] campaign. We need to keep you completely away from that situation. I don’t know all the details, but it’s for your own protection.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Durham questioned how the FBI could reconcile giving defensive briefings to the Clinton campaign while denying defensive briefings to the Trump campaign. He compared the FBI and DOJ’s “measured approach” to the Clinton campaign investigation to the speed at which the FBI ran with Crossfire Hurricane. He also contrasted how the FBI made almost “no effort to investigate the possible illegal campaign contribution” to the Clinton campaign “or the Clinton campaign’s purported acceptance of a campaign contribution made by the FBI’s own long-term” source. CONTINUE READING…

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