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FBI Makes Unbelievable Rogue Move – Refuses Court’s Order In Seth Rich Case

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In September 2023, attorney Ty Clevenger successfully obtained a court order mandating that the FBI and DOJ furnish him with all available information pertaining to Seth Rich.

The FBI, in retaliation, demanded an additional 66 years pass prior to disclosing the information. Conversely, a directive was issued by a federal magistrate in late November, requiring the FBI to furnish Clevenger with documents concerning the demise of the deceased former DNC employee.

The FBI is required to return Rich’s personal laptop, work laptop, DVD, and thumb drive to Judge Amos L. Mazzant within fourteen days.

A statement has been released by the FBI expressing its noncompliance with the court order.

Recently, journalists on the left have acknowledged that the presented information lacks logical consistency. Attorney Ty Clevenger commented on the FBI’s response on Thursday.

“Just when I think the FBI can’t get any more arrogant or lawless, there’s this from the Seth Rich case. Can MSM reporters like @oliverdarcy, @AndyKroll, & @Isikoff finally admit that none of this passes the smell test? That maybe they got duped?” Clevenger stated.

Kim Dotcom commented on the discoveries as reported by Gateway Pundit.

“The FBI goes rogue and defies US Court order to turn over Seth Rich evidence because it would destroy the Democratic Party,” he remarked.

The latest response from the FBI regarding the court’s inquiries:

“FBI intends to seek reconsideration and clarification of aspects of the November 28, 2023 Memorandum and Opinion (Dkt. #136) Specifically, the FBI intends to seek reconsideration of the Court’s determination that Seth Rich’s work laptop, the DVD, and tape drive (collectively referred to as the “Work Laptop”) are agency records subject to FOIA. The FBI will also seek reconsideration regarding the portions of the order requiring the FBI to prepare and provide indexes or produce metadata.

In the same pleading, the FBI will argue, in the alternative, that if the Court does not reconsider its prior determination and reaffirms its finding that the Work Laptop is an agency record, the FBI will argue the Work Laptop and its contents are exempt from disclosure under FOIA’s Exemption 7(A); in addition, the FBI will also request Clarification to determine if the 7(D) granted to withhold information in the FBI’s FD-302 extends to the CD containing images of Seth Rich’s laptop. [Emphasis added]

The FBI also intends to assert Exemption 7(A) to exempt from disclosure the CD containing images of Seth Rich’s personal laptop.1 Based on the foregoing, the FBI proposes the Court enter a briefing schedule for the FBI’s anticipated motions.

The FBI proposes to file its combined motion for reconsideration, or in the alternative, motion for summary judgment on or before February 8, 2024. Much of Plaintiff’s position below is irrelevant to this FOIA case, and the FBI does not concede any of it by not responding herein.”

The plaintiff in Brian Huddleston’s lawsuit provides explicit details regarding the specific records that are being requested.

Mr. Huddleston proposes the following actions for the FBI:

The FBI should produce all metadata (including file names) from the work laptop, the DVD, the tape drive, and the compact disk within 21 days of the Court’s order. The metadata could be extracted within a few hours and perhaps a few minutes. SeeDeclaration of Yaacov Apelbaum (“Apelbaum Declaration”)(Exhibit 3), ¶4. As explained below, there should be little or no need for human review of the metadata…

Mr. Huddleston next wishes to see documents that may be relevant to Mr. Rich’s murder.

The FBI should be directed to produce all emails or communications from March 14, 2016 until July 10, 2016 that meet the following criteria, and in the following order of priority:

a. Emails or communications exchanged with any representative of Wikileaks, including Julian Assange;

b. Emails or communications exchanged with eBay or any representative of eBay;

c. Emails or communications regarding any eBay transaction;

d. Emails or communications exchanged with Pratt Wiley or discussing Pratt Wiley;

e. Emails or communications exchanged with John Podesta or discussing John Podesta;

f. Emails or communications reflecting conflict among or between Seth Rich and any of his co-workers or supervisors;

g. Emails or communications reflecting conflict among or between Seth Rich and any other person;

h. Emails or communications containing threats of any kind (e.g., termination of employment or bodily harm) to Seth Rich; and/or

i. Emails or communications that contain the term “pizza.”

3.Next, the FBI should search for, review, and produce files of any kind that reference or relate to eBay, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Pratt Wiley, John Podesta, “pizza,” or electronic payments (e.g., Zelle, PayPal, or Bitcoin).

4.After the metadata and file names have been produced to Mr. Huddleston pursuant to Paragraph 1, he should be allowed to designate and prioritize specific files for review and production.

When it comes to obtaining information concerning the deceased Democratic National Committee (DNC) employee, the FBI is implementing extraordinary measures. For what rationale?

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