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FBI ‘Point Man’ Scandal Blown Wide Open

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Tony Bobulinski, one of Hunter Biden’s former business associates, is concerned that former elite FBI agent Timothy Thibault may have helped conceal information about his relationship with the Biden family, according to sources directly familiar with the matter who spoke to The Washington Free Beacon.

Except that was not intended to occur:

“Someone please remind Democrats that according to the precedent established during Alexander Vindman, nobody gets to question the veracity, the motives and the integrity of great Patriot and naval veteran Tony Bobulinski while giving testimony to the Senate tomorrow.
Check and mate.”

Bobulinski had the courage to share his tale with the national media in advance of the 2020 presidential election, so that residents of the United States would know all pertinent information about the candidates before casting their ballots.

But the FBI was working against him, and now highly suspect evidence is emerging regarding the FBI’s actions to aid the Democrat Joe Biden.

Among the highlights of his 2020 news conference are the following:

“Tony Bobulinski comes out to set the record straight about Joe Biden‘s families deal with China. Tony Bobulinsky says Hunter Biden would say “the big guy or my chairman“ when he was talking about Joe Biden. It was made clear to Tony that Joe Biden‘s name was not to be mentioned in writing but only in face-to-face talks.”

The event was reported by Conservative Treehouse and described as:
“In a wild turn of events Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski is expected to hold a press conference in advance of tonight’s debate in Nashville, TN.”

“According to the source, Thibault had many interactions with Tony Bobulinski’s attorneys following his five-hour FBI interview in October 2020 in the bureau’s Hunter Biden investigation. They said the FBI never contacted Bobulinski, despite Thibault’s assurances that the bureau would do so if further information was required.

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Legislators have alleged that Thibault obstructed an FBI investigation into Hunter Biden, pushed for some instances to be incorrectly labeled “domestic violent extremism,” and had “very politicized” social media habits. The Daily Caller reported on Monday that he was removed from his position as assistant special agent in charge at the FBI’s Washington, D.C. field office prior to his retirement last week.

“Recently retired FBI agent Timothy Thibault, just days before the 2020 presidential election, allegedly smothered a whistleblower’s “damning revelations” about Hunter Biden’s business dealings, the New York Post reported,” Charlie McCarthy reported for Newsmax.

Thibault was the then-assigned “point man” to manage whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, the Post reported.

However, following Bobulinski being interviewed secretly by FBI agents for more than five hours on Oct. 23, 2020 — 11 days before the election — Thibault allegedly never followed up with the whistleblower.

“His [Bobulinski’s] evidence appears to have fallen into the same black hole at the FBI as Hunter’s laptop, never to be seen again,” the Post wrote..

The newspaper in mid-October 2020 first reported that Hunter Biden introduced his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

The day before Bobulinski’s FBI interview, the whistleblower revealed in a press conference that Joe Biden was the “Big Guy” — as referred to in an email found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop — due to get a 10% cut of a lucrative joint venture with Chinese energy firm CEFC.

The Post on Sunday night said Bobulinski gave the FBI the contents of three cellphones. The information provided included encrypted messages between Hunter and his business partners, and emails and financial documents detailing how the Biden family peddled its influence in foreign countries during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

The whistleblower had been told not to walk in the front door of the “nondescript” eight-story building, about a mile from FBI headquarter, but to drive into an underground parking garage when he arrived for the interview.

After being met by James Dawson, then-special agent in charge of the Criminal and Cyber Division, and FBI Supervisory Special Agent Giulio Arseni, Bobulinski was handed over to two younger agents, William Novak and Garrett Churchill, the Post reported.

Novak and Churchill conducted the videotaped interview with Bobulinski and provided a receipt for the whistleblower’s digital data.

The agents paused the interview several times to consult with Dawson, the Post said, and Arseni and an FBI forensic team also came into the room at points.

Thibault’s cellphone number was provided to Bobulinski and the whistleblower’s lawyer. They were told Thibault would be their point man at the FBI thereafter.

But Bobulinski and his lawyer never were contacted again, and the whistleblower was not brought before a Delaware grand jury investigating Hunter.

Bobulinski allegedly described to the FBI how Hunter Biden, his uncle Jim Biden and others used the family name in 2015-16 to help their business dealings in places including Oman, Romania, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

The whistleblower also told the FBI about Hunter’s lucrative personal relationships with Chinese, Ukrainian, and Romanian power brokers.

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